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Newsmaker: GSBS graduate winning fight against rare disease 


By Jim Fessenden
UMass Medical School Communication

June 6, 2011 

WBZ-TV interviewed graduating GSBS student Corrie Painter about her courageous fight with angiosarcoma, an extremely rare and malignant form of breast cancer. Only about 300 people a year are diagnosed with this form of cancer, and 70 percent die within five years. With her background in biomedical research, Painter knows how vital private funding is to advancing new treatments for disease. Motivated by her diagnosis and the lack of private funding for angiosarcoma research, Painter helped created a nonprofit corporation to raise funds for find a cure for this disease.

A graduate student in the lab of Lawrence Stern, PhD, professor of pathology and biochemistry & molecular pharmacology, Painter will received her doctoral degree and was hooded during commencement exercises on the campus green on Sunday, June 5, with her husband and children in attendance.

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