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Parents & Families
AddressingBarriersAddressing Perinatal Depression in the Outpatient Obstetric Setting
Byatt & Moore - 2012
Clinical and Translational Science Research Retreat

relatiohships as keyRelationships as Key to Recovery for Perinatal Women Living with Depression
Biebel, Byatt, Debordes Jackson, Friedman, Allison & Ziedonis - 2012
DMH 2012 Research Conference: Relationships & Recovery: Advancing the Research

Perinatal MHPerinatal Mental Health Treatment: OB/GYN Providers' Perspective on How Barriers can be Overcome
Byatt, Biebel, Lundquist, Simas, Debordes-Jackson & Ziedonis - 2011
Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine Annual Meeting

Thumbnail ImageCreating Opportunities for Success: Working with Trauma Survivors in the Shelter Setting
Nicholson, Weinreb, Runyan, & Biebel - 2010
Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance, Worcester, MA

Thumbnail ImageA Multi-disciplinary, Whole-of-Family Approach to Supporting Parents with Mental Illness
Nicholson - 2010
Developing Strength & Resilience in Children Conference of Voksne for Barn, Oslo, Norway

Thumbnail ImageSupporting Parents: Multi-needs and the Need for Multi-institutions' Coordination of Supports
Nicholson - 2010
Keynote at the Conference on Ondersteuning Ouders met Psychiasche Problemen, The Hague, The Netherlands

Thumbnail ImageMental Illness: Understanding the Impact on Families and How to Help
Nicholson - 2010
12th Annual Bruce Woodcock Memorial Lecture, Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Thumbnail ImageHelping Families—Shifting the Emphasis
Nicholson - 2010
Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria Corporate Breakfast


Parents with Mental Illness: Opportunities for Support
Biebel - 2006



Maximizing Medicaid Options for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance
Katz-Leavy & Kathleen Biebel - 2006
19th Annual Research Conference, Tampa, FL 

Center for Mental Health Services Research