Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles by CMHSR Faculty & Staff

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Parents & Families
adolescent_inputAdolescent Input Into Custody Decisions: Evaluating Decision-Making Capacities

Larson & McGill - 2010 

building_the_evidenceGuest Editorial: BuildingThe Evidence Base For Families Living With Parental Mental Illness
Nicholson - 2009

family_options_for_parentsFamily Options For Parents With Mental Illnesses: A Developmental, Mixed Methods Pilot Study

Nicholson, Albert, Gershenson, Williams & Biebel - 2009

family_options_for_parentsSupporting Clubhouse Members in Their Role as Parents: Necessary Conditions for Policy and Practice Initiatives
Hinden, Wolf, Biebel & Nicholson - 2009

family_options_for_parentsWhy Not Support(ed) Parenting

Nicholson & Deveney - 2009

building_the_foundationBuilding the Foundation for the Family Options Project

Nicholson, Biebel, Williams & Albert - 2008


When Parents with Severe Mental Illness Lose Contact with Their Children: Are Psychiatric Symptoms or Substance Use to Blame
Jones, Lillianne Macias, Gold, Fisher & Barreira - 2007

a_qualitative_studyA Qualitative Study of Programs For Parents with Serious Mental Illness and Their Children: Building Practice-Based Evidence
Nicholson, Hinden, Biebel, Henry & Katz-Leavy - 2007

integrating_behaviorIntegrating Behavioral Health Services For Homeless Mothers and Children in Primary Care
Weinreb, Nicholson, Williams & Anthes - 2007

a_comparison_of_mothersA Comparison of Mothers with Co-Occurring Disorders and Histories of Violence Living With or Separated from Minor Children
Nicholson, Finkelstein, Williams, Thom, Noether & DeVilbiss - 2006


A Comparison of the Health and Mental Health Status of Homeless Mothers in Worcester, Mass: 1993 and 2003
Weinreb, Buckner & Williams - 2006


A National Survey of State Mental Health Authority Programs and Policies for Clients Who Are Parents: A Decade Later
Biebel, JNicholson, Geller & Fisher - 2006

a_survey_of_programsA Survey of Programs for Parents with Mental Illness and Their Families: Identifying Common Elements to Build the Evidence Base
Hinden, Biebel, Nicholson, Henry & Katz-Leavy - 2006


family_options_for_parentsDevelopmental Research and the Child Advocacy Process

Grisso & Steinberg - 2006 

family_options_for_parentsFrontline Reports: The Clubhouse Family Legal Support Project for Parents with Mental Illness
Nemens & Nicholson



The Premature Demise of Public Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Beds : Part II: Challenges and Implications
Geller & Biebel - 2006


The Premature Demise of Public Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Beds : Part I: Overview and Current Conditions
Geller & Biebel 2006

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