Certificate Program in Integrated Care Management


Core Content -- All participants are required to take these core modules to complete the course 
  •             Introduction to Integrated Care Management in the Patient-Centered Medical Home
  •             Effective Patient-Centered Care Plans
  •             Networking in the Medical Neighborhood
  •             Fostering Patient Activation Through Shared Decision Making
  •             An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
  •             Effective Use of Registries to Improve Care for High Risk Patients
 Participants can customize their experience of the course, maximizing the knowledge they already have, by picking at least 9 of the following 14 modules to complete.  All modules will be available to all participants, but only 9 or the 14 need to be completed for course credit.

 Special Populations 

  •             Care Management for Patients with Housing Insecurity
  •             Working With Children and Families
  •             Working with Older Patients
  •             Working With and Caring For Caregivers

 Bio-medical Topics 

  •             Cardiovascular Disease 101
  •             Helping Patients Achieve Healthy Lifestyles for Weight Reduction
  •             Diabetes Care: What Everyone Needs to Know
  •             Behavior Change For Chronic Illness Management
  •             Helping Patients With Chronic Pain

 Psychosocial Topics

  •             The Care Manager’s Role in Care for Patients with Acute Trauma and PTSD
  •             Identifying and Managing Mental Health Crises
  •             Working With Unhealthy Substance Use
  •             Smoking Cessation: What a Care Manager Can Do
  •             Working With Patients with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness
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