Motivational Interviewing Tuition

The tuition for the program is $1400.00 per person (fee subject to change without notice) and is due prior to the first session.

Discounted tuition rates will apply to groups according to the following fee schedule:









(Per person)

Payment must be made by one check/credit card per organization to receive the discounts shown above and be accompanied by a list of those participants within the group.

Refund Policy

Written notification of cancellation must be received two weeks prior to the first workshop to obtain a partial refund ($50 administrative fee will be retained). NO refund will be made after that date, though you may transfer your paid registration to another individual.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tuition

We only have a limited budget and we would like to offer a little Motivational Interviewing training to a group of our clinicians. Is a little training better than no training at all?

This depends on your goals. If your group is hoping to improve outcomes through improved health and reduced costs a little training may produce the same outcomes as no training at all. The CITMI course is designed to help learners develop advanced skills in Motivational Interviewing that are necessary for improving patient outcomes. It is often more beneficial to build advanced skills in Motivational Interviewing among a select group of clinicians rather than providing limited, insufficient training to a larger group.

Why are learners in the CITMI course required to complete individual training and feedback?

Research in Motivational Interviewing training suggests that learning Motivational Interviewing takes a greater investment of time than may people initially appreciate. This research also suggests that individual practice, observation, and feedback are essential elements of Motivational Interviewing training. For this reason the CITMI course requires all learners to participate in individual training activities. These individual training activities are more expensive to deliver than other training activities and this cost is reflected in the price of the CITMI course.

Why is the CITMI course more expensive than other Motivational Interviewing Trainings?

Many other trainings are merely introductions to Motivational Interviewing rather than intensive courses that are likely to produce verifiable skills. The CITMI course provides in-depth practice with highly trained faculty using web-based and individual training that can be completed by learners without the need for travel. These elements of the training, the web based platform, highly trained faculty, and the individualized training, all raise the cost of the training. However, many learners will find that the reduced need for travel, the individualized learning, and the verifiable outcomes justify this cost.