Group Learning Sessions:

The course includes 5 sessions, each 4 hours in duration. The Group Learning Sessions may be completed in person in Worcester, MA or live via the internet from any computer with a high speed internet connection. Participants must choose to take the course either in person or via the internet and are not permitted to combine the two.

Sessions include a combination of lecture, discussion, experiential learning, video, and demonstration. Click a session below to review the learning objectives:

Session 1 - The Spirit of Motivational Interviewing and Introduction to OARS

Session 2 - Developing Motivational Interviewing Skills: OARS

Session 3 - Evoking Change Talk

Session 4 - Responding to Sustain Talk and Managing Discord

Session 5 - Developing a Change Plan and Consolidating Patient Commitment

Additional Required Individualized Learning Sessions:

Acting Patient Encounter:  All students will complete a scheduled telephone encounter with an Acting Patient between sessions 1 and 2 and again after session 5. Each Acting Patient Encounter will be 20-30 minutes in duration. These will be audio-recorded by the Acting Patient. These recordings are work-samples that will serve as the foundation for individualized training and feedback for each participant in the course.

Individualized Coaching Session: Approximately two to four weeks following each Acting Patient Encounter each participant in the course will have a 1-on-1 telephone call with one of our faculty members who will provide the learner with feedback including their results on the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) system. This telephone call will last approximately 30 minutes and will be scheduled to meet the needs of the participant and the faculty member.

Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity Coding:  Each audio-recorded Acting Patient Encounter will be sent automatically to one of our faculty members who will review the session and rate it using the MITI coding system. The faculty member will provide a summary of the participant’s performance using the MITI, as well as written narrative feedback.