The UMass Med School Center for Integrated Primary Care

Online Training Focused on the Integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care.

A changing Health Care landscape—like transforming a practice into a Patient- Centered Medical Home—carries with it new demands.  Lessons learned from health systems who have been working on integration indicate strongly that solid workforce training is essential to enable the medical teams needed. The courses offered by CIPC aim at providing in-depth training to help behavioral health professionals, care managers, administrators and physician leaders build the expertise needed. UMASS Medical School is ranked among the top medical schools in the country in primary care training. The Center for Integrated Primary Care was launched and is thriving in this environment. Founder and Director Emeritus, Alexander Blount, EdD has been a pioneer in imagining, describing, and practicing the integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care for decades.   Our former fellows and alumni of CIPC courses go on to distinguished careers, and will be on the cutting edge of managing this new health care environment. We were the first and are still the best.

What course is right for me?

COMING THIS FALL 2016 -- OUR COURSES WILL BE ONLINE AND ON-DEMAND.  No more worrying about balancing clinical schedules. No travel expenses.  A rich and varied online experience from UMass.

Primary Care Behavioral Health Program—for behavioral health providers transitioning from a specialty practice to a primary care setting

Integrated Care Management—For care managers, case managers, social workers, nurses and any of the allied health fields involved in care management

Motivational Interviewing—for physicians, behavioral health providers and any allied health field involved in working with patients to change health behaviors



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We have the experience

When the American Psycholgical Association wanted to make a video highlighting the importance of Behavioral Health in Integrated Care, they chose UMass as one of their exemplars.  We are honored to be included and we hope you watch this short video.   

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