Clinical Affairs

The Clinical Affairs team in UMass Medical School’s health care consulting division, Commonwealth Medicine, improves health care and patient outcomes for vulnerable populations by providing essential clinical expertise and support for our clients in Massachusetts and beyond. We achieve this by

  • Developing clinical guidelines and performance improvement guidelines
  • Implementing interventions
  • Strengthening quality improvement skills and infrastructure
  • Instituting health policies
  • Performing needs assessments
  • Procuring extramural funding that addresses programmatic gaps or areas of research
  • Identifying potential internal or external partnerships to address such gaps

Our Clinical Affairs staff, which includes a medical director, performance improvement specialist, and a senior analyst, conducts independent and comprehensive research and analysis in multiple areas:

  • Medical literature
  • Federal and state laws and regulations
  • Industry best practices
  • State and national trends
  • Emerging issues in public health

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Key Staff

Judith Steinberg 

Judith Steinberg, M.D., M.P.H.
Senior Director, Clinical Affairs
Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Commonwealth Medicine


Kathleen Steger Craven, M.P.H., RN
Senior Analyst, Clinical Affairs

Pamela Senesac 

Pamela M. Senesac, Ph.D., S.M., RN
Director, Performance Improvement, Clinical Affairs

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