Massachusetts Health Care Training Forum

Created in November 2003, the Massachusetts Health Care Training Forum provides information and resources about Medicaid and other publicly-funded health care programs and services to community health and human service providers. The Massachusetts Health Care Training Forum offers timely presentations about:

  • Program and policy changes,
  • Resources for program enrollment, retention, and management, and
  • Information  to assist current members and eligible individuals.

The Massachusetts Health Care Training Forum is sponsored by MassHealth, and overseen by the Health Care Reform and Education Unit of the Office of Medicaid, in collaboration with UMass Medical School’s Center for Health Policy and Research.

The Massachusetts Health Care Training Forum offers quarterly meetings, as well as web and email resources to anyone who works with MassHealth members, the uninsured, or underinsured.  Recommended participants include:

  • Eligibility, enrollment, and outreach staff,
  • Community agency employees,
  • Hospital and CHC billing/claim and financial counseling personnel, and
  • Health care advocates.

In-service training is also available to groups upon request.

Program participants benefit from:

  • Convenient, high-quality training to improve staff's ability to work in accordance with MassHealth and other public assistance programs, policies, and procedures,
  • Face-to-face discussions with MassHealth and other state agency representatives,
  • Continuing education on emerging topics and other Executive Office of Health and Human Services programs, and
  • MassHealth updates featuring time-sensitive information and resources as well as access to resources, such as meeting minutes, handouts, and FAQs.

Key Staff

Michael Tutty  Michael Tutty M.H.A.
Director, Office of Community Programs

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