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Disability, Health, and Employment Policy

The Disability, Health, and Employment Policy group maximizes employment opportunities and outcomes for youth and working-age adults with disabilities, particularly those served by public programs.

We also evaluate and promote programs, policies, and practices related to the hiring, career advancement, and accommodation of people with disabilities. Our consultation, technical assistance, services, and other supports are available to the full range of stakeholders concerned with employment for people with disabilities.

MICEO Grant: Work Without Limits

This disability employment program strengthens the workforce by advancing work opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities in Massachusetts. Work Without Limits is funded through a multiyear grant from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid.


Massachusetts SSI and SSDI beneficiaries, their families, and service providers receive comprehensive benefits assessment, planning, and assistance through this program.

Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND)

This randomized controlled trial, funded nationally by the Social Security Administration through September 2017, is testing whether removal of the current Social Security Disability Insurance “cash cliff” will lead to increased employment and earnings for beneficiaries. UMass Medical School’s Disability, Health, and Employment Policy group is leading the Northern New England demonstration site.

Current Research Projects: Disability, Health, and Employment Policy

Our disability employment research projects span multiple topics:

  • Understanding the impact of state and national health reform on persons with disabilities
  • Measuring the impact of unmet health care needs on employment and other outcomes for people with disabilities
  • Examining the work incentive inherent in state and national disability and benefit programs
  • Understanding work decision making among working age adults with disabilities
  • Determining transportation-related work barriers and potential solutions for people with disabilities
  • Developing and evaluating curricula for educating health providers caring for persons with disabilities

Key Staff

Jay Himmelstein    Jay Himmelstein M.D., M.P.H.
Chief Health Policy Strategist
Alexis Henry    Alexis Henry, Sc.D.,OTR/L
Senior Research Scientist

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