Data Analysis

Key components of health policy development and analysis are identifying, analyzing, and synthesizing relevant data regarding the policy under development. Data analyses provide policy makers with the ability to make informed decisions regarding policy options.

Our staff incorporates appropriate data analyses as we advise our clients in developing health policy. This process is dependent on building a thorough understanding of the environment that has prompted consideration of new or revised policies. We devote the time and energy necessary to attain a deep understanding of both the political and policy environments in which our clients operate to ensure they obtain and analyze the most relevant data.

The Center for Health Law and Economics at UMass Medical School provides data analysis services including the following:

  • Developing a deep understanding of the environment surrounding the policy under development
  • Identifying and analyzing relevant data for making informed decisions, using the most appropriate analytic tools
  • Incorporating many types of data, both quantitative and qualitative into analyses
  • Working closely with agency staff during all phases of data analysis
  • Communicating the results of the analysis in a clear and consistent manner that facilitates decision-making