Analysis of Financing Sources

In the interconnected world of public and private health care financing, making improvements in one area can have unintended consequences in another. The policy experts at the Center for Health Law and Economics at UMass Medical School understand the impact public policy change can have on the broader health care system — a must for creating effective policies.

Our team takes a system-wide approach to solving health financing challenges. We strive to find solutions that simultaneously meet a public need and mitigate any unwelcome repercussions to patient care or the health care system. Our work on Massachusetts’ innovative universal health care reform highlights this approach.

This understanding of the role public and private forces play in health care economics is central to the approach we take at the Center for Health Law and Economics.  We have essential firsthand knowledge and a proven track record of creating financing structures that work in the real world.

The Center for Health Law and Economics at UMass Medical School supports public sector entities with these services:

  • Identifying state expenditures that qualify for federal reimbursement
  • Analyzing the existing sources of financing of health services
  • Evaluating potential for increases in existing financing sources
  • Developing and evaluating proposed reallocations of existing financing sources
  • Identifying and evaluating potential new sources of financing
  • Modeling uses of health-care related taxes
  • Identifying federally permissible funding sources for disproportionate share hospital payments