Health Care System Reform

Comprehensive health system reform may seek to expand coverage, improve quality, contain costs, or achieve some combination of all of these. The Center for Health Law and Economics at UMass Medical School has the expertise that such a complex public policy endeavor requires. Our team is well-versed in these specialized areas:

Health Policy and Program Design
By analyzing current and proposed policies and programs, our staff provides public sector organizations with essential resources for reform.

Health Care Payment and Purchasing Strategies
The Center for Health Law and Economics has extensive experience analyzing financing structures and developing appropriate fiscal strategies for public agencies.

Negotiating Federal Approvals
Our deep experience and longstanding relationships enable us to skillfully negotiate federal approvals, as well as effective amendments and waiver proposals.

Garnering Stakeholder Support
We help develop the broad base of support essential for any reform effort.

Cost Containment and Quality Improvement
Our strategies reflect the need to improve quality and rein in costs without compromising consumers’ access to health care.

Analysis of Financing Sources
With both public- and private-sector experience, our staff has the know-how to create effective financing structures.

Legal Analysis and Drafting
We offer legal analyses of comprehensive health system reform plans and discrete reform policies.