Financial Modeling

A new health care program needs a solid financial footing to get off the ground, yet that need doesn’t disappear after the program’s launch. That strong financial underpinning remains essential for ensuring its long-term stability as well as continued political and community support. With expertise in public-private health care market dynamics, the Center for Health Law and Economics at UMass Medical School develops creative, fiscally-sound health care financing structures for public agencies reforming their health systems.

After analyzing a system’s existing funding streams and payment methodologies, our team develops models that meet specific policy goals without breaking our client’s budget or compromising health care quality and outcomes.  The Center for Health Law and Economics will:

  • Identify and obtain the relevant data for modeling
  • State each assumption on which the modeling is based
  • Construct a dynamic model in which alternative scenarios can be modeled
  • Present the results of the modeling in both summary and detailed forms to make the results of the modeling accessible to a range of audiences