State and National Health Care Reform

Designing and implementing health care reform initiatives requires comprehensive expertise in several areas. The Center for Health Law and Economics at UMass Medical School brings multi-dimensional expertise in public and private sector coverage options, delivery systems and financing.

We design and implement Medicaid and CHIP waiver programs, including Section 1915(c) waivers for home- and community-based services and Section 1115 Research and Demonstration for restructuring Medicaid and CHIP programs.

Health Policy Design and Implementation
Public agencies seeking to design and implement health policy can find a valuable ally in the Center for Health Law and Economics. Our expert staff provides valuable resources in this area, particularly in our dedication to serving vulnerable populations.

We provide a wealth of services to assist with the budgeting process, and our staff is expert in tapping state and federal funding sources.

Delivery Systems
Our team designs, directs, and delivers Medicaid-based reform efforts. We also have extensive experience analyzing reform throughout the U.S.

Long-term Care
We can help you navigate the complexities of long-term care policy and take full advantage of available waivers and financing.

Employer and Individual Mandates in Health Reform
We can help educate stakeholders regarding the critical role these mandates play in reforming a state’s health care system and help clients devise employer and individual mandates that are tailored to the circumstances of an individual state.

Cost Containment and Quality Improvement
Our strategies improve quality and rein in costs without compromising consumers’ access to health care.

Access for Vulnerable Populations
Our analysis of the impact of proposed reform initiatives helps minimize health care disparities faced by low-income families, people with disabilities, people with unstable housing, and other groups that have historically found it challenging to receive equitable treatment.