New Course Names and Requirements

The Oasis Institute has implemented updated course names and new numbering conventions for its Teacher Education and Certification courses - often referred to as "the Pathway."  For those students already progressing through their teacher training, you will notice some small differences in the course names, as shown below.

Effective January 1, 2017, students entering the Teacher Education and Certification pathway are required to complete MBSR Group Supervision (SR-403).

Current Name NEW Course Number NEW Course Name
MBSR in Mind-Body Medicine SR-FLEX MBSR in Mind-Body Medicine
Practicum in MBSR - 8 week SR-401-8W MBSR Fundamentals - 8 week
Practicum in MBSR - 9 day SR-401-9D MBSR Fundamentals - 9 day
Teacher Development Intensive (TDI) SR-402 MBSR Practice Teaching Intensive
  SR-403 MBSR Group Supervision
Individual Supervision SR-404 MBSR Individual Supervision
Teacher Certification Review SR-405 MBSR Teacher Certification
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