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SR-FLEX MBSR in Mind-Body Medicine

MBSR in Mind-Body Medicine | SR-FLEX

SR-FLEX MBSR in Mind-Body Medicine

Participants in this course train intensively in mindfulness meditation as it is taught in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Ongoing practice of the principles of mindfulness and MBSR, both formally and informally, is cultivated throughout the course. This intensive, residential training program emphasizes a direct, firsthand, experiential encounter with mindfulness meditation as taught in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), Participants gain familiarity with the theoretical underpinnings of MBSR, review MBSR research and recognize the need to embody mindfulness meditation practice in one’s daily life before attempting to teach it to others.

MBSR in Mind-Body Medicine (SR-FLEX) is a required course for CFM Teacher Certification, and may be completed at any time prior to starting MBSR Teacher Certification ( SR-405).  Prospective students are encouraged to complete this course as soon as possible during their teacher training.



Learning Objectives

  • Explore the essential components of the MBSR curriculum, including specific program ethos, structure, content, design and method
  • Investigate the ongoing practice of the principles of mindfulness in silence, conversation, and dialogue
  • Identify and expand one’s ability to work mindfully with the experience of stress, pain, grief, and anxiety within ourselves and when working with others; explore the potential to support human flourishing
  • Review research supporting clinical use of MBSR
  • Identify the language and practices used for instructing and guiding others in the formal and informal practices of mindfulness meditation in various settings


  • Describe mindful approaches to stress, pain, grief, and anxiety when working with ourselves and others
  • Examine research supporting the clinical value of MBSR
  • Identify essential components of a sustainable mindfulness training program, including MBSR teacher readiness and competency criteria
  • Explore the potential for discovering unrecognized capacities and ways to support human flourishing
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