Deepening Mindfulness with Practice and Discourse

Deepen Mindfulness Graduate Course

6-week Program
Thursday evenings
May 4 - June 8
6:00 - 8:30 pm

The Center for Mindfulness offers "You Choose" payment options for this graduate program.

Range of Tuition Options:
$375 - $325 - $275

For this program, you may determine your own tuition payment based on your financial means, with a minimum of $275. For those of you who can afford to, we invite you to make your payment at the higher level, which will help to allow those unable to pay more at this time to attend this program at a discounted rate.

The Center for Mindfulness  Shrewsbury, MA

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Deepening Mindfulness is an opportunity to further engage in formal practice, share experiences, and be sustained by companions who are also nurturing the presence of mindfulness in their lives. Two keys for deepening the process that begins with the MBSR program are formal practice and the support of community.This course provides both and more.

This course is for those who have previously completed the 8-week MBSR and/or MBCT class, or who have equivalent mindfulness practice experience through another method (requires approval from course teacher).

Each class brings occasions to explore and deepen awareness, both inwardly and in relationship with others.

We will investigate our habits, looking into how we meet others and how we handle familiar situations, thus uncovering the space to be more fully and spontaneously here. We will practice opening to, and learning from, the array of choices life offers us in each moment. We will feel our way toward such experiences as patience, compassion, and wisdom. Looking with fresh eyes, we will respect and share the truths of our experiences. In short, we will water and deepen the roots of mindfulness in our lives.

Class Goals

  • Devote time and space to practice
  • Deepen current practice and/or re-connect with our core practices: sitting, mindful movement (yoga and walking), body scan, and mindful communication
  • Engage in mindful reflection and communication
  • Practice in a community, and explore the support that doing so provides

Class Meetings

Six 2½-hour meetings grounded in the formal mindfulness practices introduced in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. (Thursday evenings, May 4-June 8, 6-8:30 pm)

Participation in the CFM All-Day retreat (on June 3 or 4) is optional, and highly recommended.

Class Format

Each class will be composed of 1½ hours of inwardly directed practice divided in three sections:

  • Grounding practice (10-15 minutes) to set the tone;
  • Deepening practice (45 minutes) during the heart of the class time;
  • Transitioning practice (15-30 minutes) at the end of the class.

The remaining hour of the class will be devoted to the dialogue and inquiry practice aspects, which will take the form of small group sharing as well as large group processing of practice experiences both in and outside of class.

Class Precepts & Themes

Class 1: Respect for Practice. What attitudes support practice? How can these be cultivated?

Class 2: Patience in Action. How is it in body/heart/mind to pause, then act without expectation? 

Class 3: Universal Compassion. What deepens experiencing kindness toward myself and others?

Class 4: Strong Flexibility. What supports staying true to inner integrity when challenges arise? 

Class 5: Transforming Suffering. What brings wise and kind responses to inner and outer pain? 

Class 6: Living Practice: What would support further deepening of mindfulness practice?

Éowyn Ahlstrom, BA, LMT, E-RYT500Your Instructor

Éowyn Ahlstrom first encountered meditation and yoga more than twenty years ago and has been practicing avidly ever since. She has made mindfulness practice a central priority in her life, attending many silent meditation retreats and yoga practice courses, as well as deeply studying both ancient and modern texts regarding these practices. Learn more about Éowyn.

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