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Application for a New Listing on Center for Mindfulness Website

International Directory of MBSR Teachers and Programs

If you are currently teaching MBSR and would like to be included in our directory, it is essential that you provide us updated information. If you are not currently listed in our directory, please use this form.. If you currently appear on our directory for your state, it will be easier for you to update this using the link on the details page in the directory. Please look yourself up and review the details we are presenting and click the update link on the detail page to update your information. If you complete this form and your submission appears to be a duplicate as to the key fields (Instructor Name and Organization), we will also update the prior record.

Your submissions are received pending MBSR office approval. Your information will not appear in our find a program tool until it has been approved for display. A confirming page with the data we have captured will appear after we post your submission. An email with the same data will be sent to the address you provide here. When your listing has been approved, or if additional information is required to approve your listing, another automated email will advise you of that status change. Some anti-spam tools may try to divert our reply, so you may want to check your "Spam" folders if the initial receipt message does not appear a few minutes after you submit this.

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A password must be four to twenty characters in length. (Please enter a new one twice.) Anybody who guesses this password might be able to modify your listing, so don't make it too easy. If we recognize you in the database but you err in providing your password, we will offer to email the value on record to the email address currently on file. If you still need additional help with updating a record, please contact the MBSR office.
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Academic Education
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Formal Meditation and Retreat Training    (please use numbers only)
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CFM Professional Education and Training Programs in MBSR:
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MBSR in Mind-Body Medicine:
5- or 7-day Residential Training/Retreat (Year)
Practicum (formerly Internship) in MBSR (Year)
Teacher Development Intensive in MBSR (Year)
Supervision in MBSR
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Certification in MBSR (Year)

Other Mindfulness-Based Related Training Programs:
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If you need to explain an answer above or have other reasons to contact the MBSR office by email, click here.