Individual Supervision in MBSR

Individual Supervision in MBSR gives you the opportunity to actively engage in dialogue with a CFM senior instructor by phone, online (Skype), or in person, to explore issues and questions that arise out of your own MBSR teaching.

Through individualized personal support, guidance, dialogue, and precise feedback, Individual Supervision in MBSR fosters greater self-knowledge, specificity, and comprehensiveness in your teaching.  This program gives you a chance to investigate, understand, and refine your teaching capabilities, attitudes, and skills.  Those moving toward MBSR Teacher Certification must teach at least one 8-week MBSR course while under individual supervision.

Supervision sessions should be scheduled during the same period of time that you are teaching your 8-Week MBSR class.  A minimum of 10 supervision sessions is required.  Please apply for Supervision 8 weeks prior to the start of the 8-week MBSR course you will be teaching.  We will do our best to assign a Supervisor based on availability and the timing of your 8-week MBSR course schedule.

Tuition and Application Fee

Tuition: $1600 ($160 per 1-hour session x 10 sessions) 
Full tuition is payable upon approval of application and assignment of Supervisor.
Application fee: $50 payable at time of application. 

How to Apply

Please apply using our online application form. You will need to have your CV/Resume available on your computer before you begin filling out the application form because you will attach it to the application form and you cannot submit the form without the CV/Resume. The CV/Resume should be in MS Word or PDF format. 

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