Teacher Certification Review

Effective April 15, 2016:

  • At time of application, fee of $995 is due

  • Teacher Certification materials/portfolio must be submitted in English

  • Teacher Certification materials/portfolio must be submitted electronically (submissions by mail/post will no longer be accepted)

Teacher Certification in MBSR is the recognition of your in-depth understanding and skillful delivery of the MBSR curriculum, and an acknowledgment that your teaching competencies meet all practice standards for MBSR teachers as established by the Center for Mindfulness.

Applying for Teacher Certification in MBSR Review does not guarantee that you will receive Certification. Please note that the awarding of Certification as a Teacher of MBSR does not indicate approval by the CFM for training other MBSR teachers.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Completion of all Phase 1-3 requirements
  • Experience teaching at least eight complete eight-week MBSR courses
  • Continuing daily mindfulness meditation practice, yoga and other body-centered awareness disciplines
  • Professional graduate degree or equivalent working experience
  • Completion of four (4)  5-7 day silent, teacher-led retreats, at least two of which must be of seven (7) days duration or longer
  • Completion of MBSR in Mind-Body Medicine: A 7-Day Residential Training and Retreat

Teacher Certification in MBSR Review Portfolio Checklist

Objective: Develop and submit a portfolio that demonstrates the quality of your teaching.

To be considered for certification, your portfolio must include all of the following elements:

  • One copy of a video (a total of 1-2 hours duration) of your teaching as follows:
    1. leading a meditation practice that begins with awareness of breath, continues to whole body, sounds, thoughts, emotions, and finishes with open presence
    2. leading standing yoga (video should illustrate a few standing yoga stretches)
    3. engaging in group dialogue and inquiry
    4. making a didactic presentation about stress

(Recommendation: One option might be to film Class #5, which contains several of the above elements.)

  • One copy of materials you have developed to enhance and support your in-class instructions, including
    1. course curricula;
    2. home practice recordings:
      • Guided Body Scan Meditation (40-45 minutes)
      • Lying Down Yoga (40-45 minutes)
      • Guided Sitting Meditation (progressing through awareness of breath, body sensations, sounds, thoughts, emotions, and choiceless awareness) (40-45 minutes)
      • Standing Yoga (40-45 minutes)
    3. workbooks; and
    4. any teaching resources particular to your classes.
  • Recommendations from
    1. a mentor, teacher someone else who is personally familiar with your meditation background; and
    2. two professional colleagues who have experienced your MBSR teaching through participating in your classes and/or who have referred participants to your MBSR courses.
  • Evaluations from six participants from one or more of your classes. (Click here for the Teacher Evaluation form)
  • A copy of Supervision Closing Reflection and Assessment from your Supervisor
  • A list of the number, setting, location, and dates of all the MBSR classes you have taught. *

Teacher Certification Review candidates from non-English speaking countries are required to submit Teacher Certification materials/portfolio in ENGLISH.

In all cases, the review process is extensive and iterative.  It is not unusual for a review to take 6 months or more.

Review Schedule

Teacher Certification applications are now accepted on a rolling basis.

How to Apply for Certification

Electronic Submissions

  • Please submit your TCR application by clicking here.
  • You can post your videos on a web service such as YouTube and Vimeo. Your videos can be posted as "unlisted" which means they will be available only to those with whom you choose to share a link.
  • Your audio files can be saved in MP3 format and then posted to an online service such as Dropbox, from which the review team can play the recordings (please do not email files).
  • When producing your recordings, please ensure both the teacher's voice and participant voices are clearly audible.  Recordings deemed inaudible by CFM/Oasis reviewers will require further work or re-recording on your part.

The Center for Mindfulness is not able to offer further technical support for the creation and delivery of these recordings.

Teacher Certification Review Fee - $995 due at time of application

Teacher Certification in MBSR Review Evaluation and Reflection

Following Teacher Certification in MBSR Review, you may be asked to refine your understanding through:

    • Attending other Oasis Institute training programs or additional retreats
    • Additional study and reflection on specific learning components
    • Additional MBSR teaching
    • Revision of course materials
    • Additional supervision

If you meet all criteria deemed satisfactory according to practice standards for MBSR teachers as established by the Center for Mindfulness, you will be granted Teacher Certification in MBSR.

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