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Training and Certification Programs for MBSR Teachers & Professionals

The Oasis Institute is the heart of the Center for Mindfulness' training and certification programs for professionals. This rigorous format promotes the development and integration of mutually effective, interdependent approaches to knowing, caring, and serving.

Florence Meleo-Meyer, MS, MA is the Director of Oasis Institute. She has been instrumental in the development and cultivation of an international network of MBSR teachers, serves on the Center’s Leadership Team, and leads some of the Oasis training programs. Meet Our Teaching Faculty.

Who does the Oasis Institute serve?

Professionals in the fields of medicine, psychology, educators, business, healthcare providers who; 

  • are interested in integrating mindfulness into their different professional and educational fields
  • have personal dedication to contemplative practices/lifestyle and want to integrate into what they offer the world.
  • want to enhance their own lives and those they serve, creating better clarity, cooperation and creativity in society.

Why do people train with the Oasis Institute?

People train at Oasis to learn:

  • To relieve suffering and enhance benefits of health and wellness.
  • To serve others, want to see people improve their lives.
  • Active participation in people’s engagement with their own lives.
  • Participatory medicine.
  • Developing attentional strength and present moment awareness, compassion for self and others.
  • Possibility of participation in the creation of a more mindful society. Exploring solutions to global issues.
  • Greater satisfaction in one’s own work-life.
  • Bring one’s whole self into one’s professional life.
  • Share the benefits of meditation with others and the potential for wisdom and freedom that can come from contemplative practice.
  • Better serve patients and students across the lifespan (prenatal – palliative care).
  • Seeking complements to western medicine.
  • Acknowledgement of uniqueness, wholeness, genius of each individual. To make a lasting contribution to humanity for generations.
  • Create more connectivity in the local global (small to large) community. Engage in a network of like-minded people.

Our Philosophy

In addition to participating in Oasis Institute study and training programs, dedication to the ongoing exploration of the following interconnected pathways of study and personal development is essential for effective teaching.

  • We believe that teacher formation requires your ongoing commitment to learning as much as possible about your own personality and patterns of relating. Such knowledge requires ongoing self-inquiry and inner work such as psychotherapy or counseling.
  • Mindfulness meditation – daily practice and silent retreats. Your ongoing and consistent engagement in a personal daily practice of mindfulness meditation, as well as silent, teacher-led mindfulness meditation retreats will deepen your understanding of what it means to be a fully prepared and qualified MBSR teacher.
  • Recognition of the body as a vehicle for understanding mindfulness is essential. We recommend that you train in mindful hatha yoga and in other forms of body-centered awareness practice.
  • Completion or pursuit of a professional graduate degree or of equivalent working experience. Teaching MBSR requires an intellectual understanding of the scientific, medical, and educational roots of MBSR, and the capacity to articulate these essential aspects of the teaching. For that reason, it is important to pursue a graduate degree in a field connected to MBSR. Psychology, education, and medicine are typical fields of study, but any program that emphasizes an understanding of mind and body, and includes service as a component, may be acceptable.
  • The Oasis Institute has a fundamental objective, which is to foster a direct, experiential understanding that inner experience, intuition, imagination, and non-conceptual awareness are as crucial and valid as objective, evidence-based knowledge to an understanding of the world.
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