Curriculum for Track 1 - Foundations of Clinical Teaching and Educational Planning

The goals of this first course, Track 1 - Foundations of Clinical Teaching and Educational Planning, in Teaching of Tomorrow are to provide an introduction to basic educational principles in the science of teaching and the science of learning. Our process uses best practices of adult learning including active engagement and small group work.  Sharing clinical experience and insights among our participants, we believe, enhances the development of teacher identity and builds a community of learners.

  • What makes a good teacher?
  • The Educational Planning Process:  GNOME
  • Needs Assessment and Questioning Styles
    • Small Group Practice
  • Setting Educational Objectives
    • Small Group Practice
  • An Introduction to Methods:  Deliberate Practice
  • Effective and Efficient Methods:
    • Just-in-Time Teaching
    • Modeling as a Teaching Method
  • Methods: One Minute Preceptor
    • Small Group Practice
  • Methods: Using Deliberate Practice to Teach Clinical Reasoning
  • Introduction to Evaluation
  • Evaluation/Feedback Skills: Observation
  • Effective Feedback and Learners Will Love You
    • Small Group Practice, Delivering Feedback
  • Action Plans
    • Small Group Practice: Observation & Feedback with Action Plan
    • Benchmarking and Writing Evaluations
  • Framework for Talking about Clinical Problem Solving
    • Small Group Practice:  Table Work
  • Promoting Resilience in Physicians and Students
  • Challening Teacher-Learner Interactions
    • Small Group Practice
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