Teaching of Tomorrow
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Teaching of Tomorrow

Teaching of Tomorrow (TOT) is a nationally recognized and highly acclaimed Faculty Development Program for preceptors of medical students and residents from primary care disciplines. First offered in 1994, this program uses faculty from the UMass Departments of Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and has trained over 900 clinical faculty and preceptors throughout the Northeast.

Program goals:

  1. To provide a model of systematic educational planning that allows preceptors to effectively and efficiently integrate teaching into clinical practice;
  2. To enhance teaching skills that encourage clinical reasoning and inculcate habits of life-long learning;
  3. To provide practice opportunities to apply new skills in teaching and assessment;
  4. To present the most current information about teaching and learning in medical education; and
  5. To give physicians early in their careers a taste of the joy of being part of the community of physicians who teach the next generation.

Program methods:

· A face-to-face series of two workshops held in family-friendly locations over two Friday-Saturday sessions;

· Short highly interactive large group presentations are followed by small, low-stress skill-based practice groups.


  1. Educational planning: setting goals and objectives; assessing needs and progress
  2. Teaching methods and styles
  3. Providing meaningful feedback
  4. Teaching clinical reasoning
  5. Dealing with difficult learners
  6. Special Topics:
  • Teaching about Medical Error
  • Teaching Oral Presentations & Summary Statements
  • Writing Effective Narrative Comments/Benchmarking