Embedding_station Laser Capture Micro-dissection
  •  Tissue_Processor
     Cryostat for Frozen Section

    Fresh Tissue Collection (Methods of Tissue Procurement)

    • Samples from more than 2600 patients since January 2006
    • Tumor tissue with matched normal when available
    • Other disease tissue per request (e.g. cirrhosis, fibrotic disease)
    • Archived Samples with Clinical Follow-up
    • Bone Marrow and Blood Collection
      • Study to collect blood and/or bone marrow from patients with blood disorders, blood cell malignancies and associated conditions to give us further information regarding the differences between normal blood cells and the blood cells of affected individuals. Clinical Trial NCT01174615, Principal Investigator: Jan Cerny, M.D., Ph.D.
      • Specimens are available as fresh cell isolates, frozen cell isolates, or unprocessed
    • Embedding
      • Your tissue can be processed and embedded to paraffin
    • Cutting Slides
      • Your paraffin or frozen blocks can be sectioned and stained
    • Real-Time PCR
      • Applied Biosystems 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System
    • Laser Capture Micro-dissection
    • Partnership with BioServe Network
      • Researchers at UMass can gain access to the large library of samples in BioServe's Global Biorepository, as well as enhanced access to its full suite of preclinical molecular services. To obtain specimens or services from BioServe please contact us. The BioServe Network is a collaborative network of leading industry, academic, and medical biospecimen repositories.
    • Specific Study Needs Can Be Met
      • Fresh tissue can be placed immediately in your media (e.g. tissue collected and sent to Precision Therapeutics for chemotherapy testing)
      • Core biopsy samples can be collected.
      • Fine needle aspiration
      • Please contact us with your request.
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