Tissue and Tumor Bank Facility

A Dynamic Tissue Procurement Service

Collection, Storage, Annotation, and Distribution of Human Biologic Specimens.

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Mission Statement:

Our goal is to facilitate basic science, clinical research and translational studies by providing researchers with the ability to obtain and study human tissues using a dynamic collection, storage, annotation, and distribution service.

  • Fresh, diseased tissue is collected and processed immediately after surgery.
    Types of Tumor Tissue Banked
    • When possible, surrounding healthy tissue is collected as a matched normal control.
    • Anonymous, de-identified clinical and pathologic data are linked to the specimens in a secure database. Sample Pathology Report
  • Bone marrow and blood specimens are collected and available as fresh cell isolates, frozen cell isolates or unprocessed. **New in 2010**
  • Ascites fluid collection- ascites fluid from gynecologic malignancies and breast cancer as well as primary culture of ascites-derived ovarian cancer cells are available for request. **New in 2011**
  • A variety of services are available including routine histology, fresh tissue for cell culture, frozen sections, as well as DNA and RNA extraction. Methods of Tissue Procurement
  • Specific study needs can be met. Tissue and Tumor Bank Services
  • Consultation during study design is available and recommended. Contact Us
  • Assistance in the IRB approval process is offered.
    • New: IRB approval is required only if you need identifiable private clinical information and/or patient follow-up for your study.

Tissue Availability:

The UMass Cancer Center Tissue and Tumor Bank is an open access biorepository. Specimens are available to investigators both internal and external to UMass. The Tumor Bank ships specimens to researchers worldwide. Please contact us to determine if we have specimens that meet your research needs.

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