Bioinformatics Core Services and Resources


The bioinformatics core supports the following state of the art pipelines and the galaxy server that offers a unified user interface to executing them.

For questions, discussions and bioinformatics expertise the core sponsors a bioinformatics list server and a monthly seminar open to all members of the University Of Massachusetts and the researchers of the greater Boston area.


We host a monthly seminar on bioinformatics where members of the community present analysis or data they plan to analyze with the goal of an open and lively discussion on best informatics approaches. If you want to be added to the bioinformatics seminar announcements please email us here.

The bioinformatics core in conjunction with the Weng and Garber labs also hosts an online forum to discuss data analysis topics. If you are interested in participating in these discussions you can subscribe at the forum’s online page.

The bioinformatics core works closely with the scientific computing group to ensure access to the most used applications. For an updated list of our detailed documentation on each pipeline see

To ensure that those who are not computationally inclined can also benefit from the software and pipelines available through the core or third parties we partner with the GenomeSpace project which provides a global, interconnectivity layer across the most commonly used genomic tools.

If you experience any problem or error while running our core pipelines or using our Galaxy server please report it by filling out a HEAT ticket form.

Our internal Galaxy and GenePattern servers are available to run our custom pipelines.

Other resources:

A list of online resources