How is the EBU Supported?

The unit is a self-supported research group operating on a cost-reimbursement basis for all health research projects. Therefore, it is necessary that investigators (or their departments/divisions) provide funding for all support costs including data management, data entry, statistical analysis, software development and manuscript preparation. This support for collaborative research projects is received by EBU primarily through three mechanisms:

  • Direct support for named individuals on grants with NIH and other agencies or industries. The EBU will work in a collaborative fashion with an investigator in the development of a proposal with direct support for the EBU incorporated within that proposal. For example, the EBU would work in collaboration with a principal investigator on a grant submission that once funded would provide direct support (percent effort) for a statistician and a data manager.
  • Direct support for named individuals from a division or department. A division or department may wish to directly fund a percentage of an EBU member's effort in order to have continuous access to particular EBU services or expertise. For example, a division may provide 40% salary support for an epidemiologist for ongoing support from the epidemiologist as a general resource to the division or department. Support can be in multiple areas including but not limited to proposal development, manuscript preparation, mentoring, design and analysis consultation, or teaching.
  • Fee for service for smaller amounts of effort not funded directly through grant support. In all cases where there is neither direct grant support nor direct division support the EBU will charge on a per hour basis for services rendered. The cost of the service will depend on the mix of services needed. For example, an agreement may be reached supporting a senior statistician at $125/hour and an experienced graduate level analyst at $35/hour. This incorporates salary, overhead and other administrative costs.

Contact Information

If you would like further information about the EBU and its resources please contact:

George Reed, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Shaw Building SH2-224