Goals and Objectives

PGY-1 (Clinical Base Year)

Internal Medicine Wards: PGY1 goals ward med

Trauma Surgery: PGY1 goals traumasurg

Vascular Surgery: PGY1 vascular 

Colorectal Surgery: PGY1 colorectal 

Emergency Medicine: PGY1 ER goals

Anesthesiology: PGY1 anestrot

MICU: PGY1 goals micu

Cardiology: PGY1 goals cardiology

Pulmonary: PGY1 goals pulmonary rev 1

Renal Medicine Consult: PGY1 goals renal

Chest Radiology: PGY1 goals radiology

Transfusion Medicine: PGY1 goals transfusion medicine

PGY-2 (CA-1)

CA-1 year: goals CA1

O.R. Orientation – University: goals CA1 orientation

General O.R. – Memorial: goals CA1 Memorial

ICU – Memorial: goals CCM CA1

Ambulatory Analgesia – Hahnemann: goals amb CA-1

General O.R. - University: goalsgenor1

Acute Pain – University: goals acute pain

Pre-surgical Evaluation: goals PSE CA1 CA3

PACU: goalspacu

PGY-3 (CA-2)

Fiberoptic intubation: goals fiberoptic

Cardiac Anesthesia – University/Memorial: goalscardiac

Thoracic Anesthesia: goals thoracic

Chronic Pain – Memorial: goalspain

General O.R. – University: goalsgenor2

General O.R. – Memorial: goalsCA2Memorial

Pediatric Anesthesia – University: goals pedi CA-2 CA-3

Vascular Anesthesia – University: goalsvasc

Neuroanesthesia – University: goals neuro CA-2CA-3

OB Anesthesia – Memorial: goalsob

Regional Anesthesia – Hahnemann: goalsrgnl

ICU – University: goals CCM CA-2

PGY-4 (CA-3)

CA-3 Year: ca3curriculum

Pediatric Anesthesia at University, Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI or Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA (2 month minimum): goals pedi CA-2 CA-3

Neuroanesthesia – University: goals neuro CA-2CA-3

OB Anesthesia – Memorial: CA3goalsob or Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA: goals bwob

Pre-surgical Evaluation: goalsPSE CA-1 CA-3

Clinical Director Rotation: CA3goals AIC rotation

ICU – Junior Fellow, Surgical ICU: goals CCM CA3

General O.R. – University: goalsgenor3


ENT at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston, MA: goalsmee

Pain Management at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA: goalspainbw

Cardiothoracic Anesthesia at University Campus: CA3cardiothoracic

Thoracic Anesthesia at University or Rhode Island Hospital: CA3goalsthor

Advanced Clinical Track: goalsCA3ACT

General OR – Memorial: goalsCA3Memorial

Ambulatory or Regional Anesthesia – Hahnemann: goalsamb-regionalCA-3

Community-Based Anesthesia – Marlboro Hospital: CA3 goals marl

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