Stephen Kapaon, M.D.

Academic Role: Assistant Professor and Clinical Vice Chair
Faculty Appointment(s) and Affiliations:

School of Medicine


Photo: Stephen Kapaon, M.D.

As the Clinical Vice Chair of Anesthesiology at the Memorial campus I am responsible for all aspects of anesthesia care at that campus. Currently, the anesthesia resident’s exposure to our campus will occur after their first year when they arrive for their thoracic anesthesia and obstetrical anesthesia rotations.

My clinical interests include both cardiothoracic anesthesia and obstetrical anesthesia. I am directly responsible for the resident’s thoracic anesthesia rotation, and I oversee the Director of Obstetrical Anesthesia who manages the resident’s obstetrical anesthesia rotation. Of note, the Memorial campus serves as the regional high-risk obstetrical and neonatal center for central Massachusetts, and at approximately 4,500 deliveries per year the center provides an excellent resource for resident education in these areas.

Additionally, I have a particular interest in anesthesia practice management. Since 1988 I have been involved in nearly all aspects of anesthesia practice management and development including the clinical areas of policy and procedure development, quality assurance and improvement, OR operations, and clinical cost-containment and budgetary management. Additionally, I have extensive experience in the business side of anesthesia practice that includes contract negotiations, government regulations, anesthesia billing and office management, and human resource management. I am particularly interested in preparing graduating residents to better understand and manage the non-clinical aspects of an anesthesia practice – an area long neglected in resident education.



Academic Background

M.D., St. Louis University, 1984



Postdoctoral Training

University of Massachusetts, Residency in Anesthesiology, 1986-1987
University of Massachusetts, Clinical Fellowship in Anesthesiology, 1988



Telephone:  508-334-8297

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