John Pullerits, M.D.

Academic Role: Associate Professor
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School of Medicine



Photo: John Pullerits, MD

As a more senior member of the Dept. of Anesthesiology, my focus is now the delivery of anesthesia care at the Hahnemann Surgicenter.  Many of these adults and children require regional anesthesia blocks for continued postoperative pain relief and I am proficient in many upper and lower extremity blocks in addition to subarachnoid and epidural techniques.

After becoming board certified in anesthesiology in 1981, I spent 9 years as a pediatric anesthesiologist both at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and the Children’s Hospital in Boston before joining the staff here.  I still enjoy doing pediatric anesthesia, especially when it involves regional techniques or the management of difficult airways, including fiberoptic intubation.

I continue to be involved in resident and medical student teaching in the operating room.




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Academic Background

M.D. (cum laude), University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1975.



Postdoctoral Training

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Residency in Anesthesia, 1977-1981.



Telephone:   508-334-5886

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