Khaldoun Faris, M.D

Academic Role: Clinical Associate Professor and Critical Care Fellowship Director
Faculty Appointment(s) and Affiliations:

School of Medicine

Photo: Khaldoun Faris, M.D.


As the associate director of UMMHC's Surgical Critical Care Services, I am involved in the daily activities of the surgical critical care units at the University and Memorial campuses.   I am also the program director of Anesthesiology Critical Care Fellowship.

My job involves not only leading a large team of fellows, residents, medical students, PA/NP's, nurses, and other professionals on the ICU rounds, but also actively participating in supervising and teaching the ICU residents, who come to us from three different departments: anesthesiology, surgery, and emeregency medicine.



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Lilly CM, Cody S, Zhao H, et al., for the UMass Memorial Critical Care Operations Group.  Hospital mortality, length of stay, and preventable complications among critically ill patients before and after tele-ICU reengineering of critical care processes.  JAMA 2011; 305:2175–83.

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Faris K. Septic shock: targeting evaluation and treatment. J Crit Ill, 2004; 17:357-63.


Academic Background

M.D., Aleppo University, Aleppo, Syria, 1991


Postdoctoral Training

Aleppo University Hospital, Aleppo, Syria, Residency in Surgery, 1991-1993
SUNY Health Sciences Center, Brooklyn, NY, Internship in Surgery, 1993-1994
New England Medical Center, Boston, MA, Residency in Anesthesiology, 1995-1997
New England Medical Center, Boston, MA, Fellowship in Cardiovascular Anesthesiology,
New England Medical Center, Boston, MA, Fellowship in Pain Management, 1998-1999
UMass Memorial Medical Center, Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine, 1999-2000


Office:  H7-531
Phone:  774-442-3960

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