Babs Soller, Ph.D.

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School of Medicine


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We are exploring the application of optical spectroscopy for the noninvasive measurement of blood and tissue chemistry, ultimately to be able to perform chemical analysis and diagnosis without removing a sample from the patient. We are currently investigating the use of near infrared spectroscopy in combination with in-vivo chemometric techniques to determine tissue pH, tissue oxygen tension and blood hematocrit. We are also interested in the application of this technology in the triage and treatment of trauma patients.



Selected Recent Publications

Soller BR, Yang Y, Lee S, Wilson C, Hagan RD. Noninvasive determination of exercise-induced hydrogen ion threshold through direct optical measurement. J Appl Physiol 2008; 104:837-844.

Soller BR, Yang Y, Soyemi OO, Ryan KL, Rickards CA, Walz, JM, Heard SO, Convertino, VA. Noninvasively measured muscle oxygen saturation is an early indicator of central hypovolemia in humans. J Appl Physiol 2008; 104:475-481.

Soller BR, Ryan KL, Rickards CA, Cooke WH, Soyemi OO, Yang Y, Crookes BA, Heard SO, Convertino VA. Oxygen saturation determined from deep muscle, not thenar tissue is an early indicator of central hypovolemia in humans. Crit Care Med 2008; 36:176-182.

Yang Y, Soyemi OO, Scott PJ, Landry M, Lee S, Stroud L, Soller BR. Quantitative measurement of muscle oxygen saturation without influence from skin and fat using continuous-wave near infrared spectroscopy. Opt Express 2007; 15:13715-13730.

Yang Y, Soyemi OO, Landry MR, Soller BR. Noninvasive in vivo measurement of venous blood pH during exercise using NIR Reflectance Spectroscopy. Appl Spect 2007; 61:223-229.

Yang Y, Shoer L, Soyemi OO, Landry MR, Soller BR. Removal of irrelevant variation from NIR spectra in muscle tissue phantoms. Appl Spect 2006; 60:1070-1077.

Yang Y, Landry MR, Soyemi OO, Shear MA, Soller BR. Simultaneous correction of skin color and fat thickness for tissue spectroscopy using a two-distance fiber optic probe and orthogonalization technique. Opt Lett 2005; 30:2269 – 2271.

Soller BR, Khan T, Favreau J, Hsi C, Puyana JC, Heard SO. Investigation of muscle pH as an indicator of liver pH and injury from hemorrhagic shock. J Surg Res 2003; 114:195-201.

Soller BR, Idwasi PO, Balaguer J, Levin S, Simsir SA, Vander Salm TJ, Collette H, Heard SO. Noninvasive, NIRS-measured muscle pH and PO2 indicate tissue perfusion for cardiac surgical patients on cardiopulmonary bypass. Crit Care Med 2003; 31:2324-31.

Soller BR, Heard SO, Cingo NA, Hsi C, Favreau J, Khan T, Ross RR, Puyana JC. Application of fiber optic sensors for the study of hepatic dysoxia in swine hemorrhagic shock. Crit Care Med 2001; 29:1438-44.

Soller BR, Cingo NA, Puyana JC, Khan T, Hsi C, Favreau J, Heard SO. Simultaneous measurement of hepatic tissue pH, venous oxygen saturation and hemoglobin by near infrared spectroscopy. Shock 2001; 15:106-11.

Zhang S, Soller BR, Kaur S, Perras K, Vander Salm TJ. Noninvasive in vivo determination of blood hematocrit based on partial least-squares and NIR reflectance spectroscopy. Appl Spect 2000; 54:294–99.

Zhang S, Soller BR, Micheels RH Partial least-squares modeling of near infrared reflectance data for noninvasive in vivo determination of deep tissue pH. Appl Spect 1998; 52:393-99.



Academic Background

Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry), Princeton



Office: S2-734

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