Pediatric Anesthesia

clinicalPediPediatric Anesthesiology at UMass Memorial Medical Center offers a range of experiences to residents learning to care for pediatric patients. The Pediatric Anesthesiologists care for day surgery patients at Hahnemann and University campuses, as well as inpatients at University campus and NICU patients at Memorial campus. We provide anesthesia for a range of surgeries and procedures including general surgery and trauma, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, plastics, urology, orthopedics, dental procedures, gastroenterology, dermatology, and radiologic procedures and studies. There are approximately 1,070 pediatric cases at the Hahnemann campus and 1,830 pediatric cases at the University Campus. In addition, there were 50 NICU patients at the Memorial campus.

During the pediatric anesthesia rotation, residents learn pediatric preoperative evaluation and preparation, airway anatomy and management, physiologic differences between adult and pediatric patients, general and regional anesthesia techniques, and pain management of pediatric patients.

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