Critical Care Medicine

UMass Medical School and UMass Memorial Medical Center are home to a large critical care community covering three surgical units, three medical units, a cardiology/cardiac surgery unit, a pediatric unit, and a neonatal unit. The critical care operation committee, CCOC, is the umbrella committee overseeing all the critical care operations and it is a chaired by Richard Irwin, MD. In addition to all the cirtical care units UMass Memorial, the critical care units of several community hospitals located in central Massachusetts are all linked by a telemedicine network (eICU) to a control center staffed by a critical care team around the clock.


Members of the critical care community are involved in the educational and research missions of UMass Medical School and are investigators in original research studies and authors of numerous publications every year. Publications include original peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and textbooks.

The Department of Anesthesiology and its faculty have been an integral part of the critical care community over the last three decades. Several anesthesiologists are board certified in Critical Care Medicine and cover the surgical units on a regular basis. The surgical intensive care unit at the Memorial campus is fully managed and covered by staff anesthesiologist/intensivists.

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