Maksim Zayaruzny, M.D


ZayaruznyI joined UMass Medical School as a categorical resident in General Surgery in 2000, after graduating from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. After two years as a clinical resident I had an opportunity to pursue my interest in  health care outcomes research by working with Dr. Frederick Anderson at the Center for Clinical Outcomes Research (COR) within the Department of Surgery. My work with COR has helped me to develop a life-long interest in tracking and analyzing the outcomes of medical interventions on the population level. During my four years with COR my clinical interests had evolved as well. While I planned my initial medical career in Surgical Critical Care as a Trauma surgeon, I realized that the field of Anesthesiology shares much in common with Critical Care Medicine. I have since completed my Anesthesiology Residency and Critical Care Fellowship at UMass Medical School and have joined the medical staff at our facility.

My clinical interests include Vascular and Neurosurgical Anesthesia, Critical Care Medicine, and management of the difficult airway. I greatly enjoy the intellectual demands and the privilege of caring for some of the most complex patients in our medical system. Working among some of the brightest physicians who comprise our Critical Care staff challenges me constantly to broaden and deepen my medical expertise. One of the first things I was told as a medical student was that medical school would allow me to only “dip my toes in the ocean of medical knowledge”; I feel that I may be up to my knees now and I am really looking forward to taking a swim some day.

While research and clinical practice are the first two legs of the “three-legged chair” that is academic medicine, teaching is its third leg and it presents plentiful opportunities for personal and professional fulfillment. My teaching responsibilities vary depending on the target audience, ranging from bedside teaching of UMass Medical School students to classroom teaching of the anesthesiology residents preparing for the specialty board examination to continuing medical education of board-certified physicians in the ACLS, ATLS, and Moderate Sedation courses.

I am a member of a number of professional societies, including the American Society of Anesthesiologists, the Society for Airway Management, and the American College of Chest Physicians.

In my spare time I go to work. The rest of my time I spend with my family, traveling or enjoying the four-season athletic opportunities afforded by the New England climate. Lacking any ability to paint or play music I find my creative outlet in cooking and, whenever I have time to myself, I like to get lost in a non-fiction book on almost any subject.


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