Neurosurgical Anesthesia

The Neuro-Anesthesia Division provides anesthesia to patients undergoing neuro surgery both in the OR and Neuro-Intervention Suite. We provide the anesthesia residents vast experience in neurosurgical anesthesia. The neurosurgical anesthesia cases include a wide variety of cases including: craniotomy for posterior fossa tumors, Chiari malformation, cerebral aneurysm clipping; awake craniotomy; spine surgery including anterior and posterior decompression and fusion; tumor removal; V-P shunts; vagal nerve stimulator. We have a newly renovated state-of-the-art NeuroAngiography Suite. UMass Memorial is a Stroke Center of Excellence and treats patients for intra-arterial thrombosis. We routinely provide anesthesia for cases such as diagnostic cerebral angiography; coiling of intracerebral aneurysm; carotid artery stenting; spinal cord AV fistula embolization. All residents complete 50 fiberoptic intubations during their residency with vast experience in managing the unstable C-spine. We work closely with the Neuro Intensivists who also train the anesthesia residents during their rotation in the Neuro ICU.

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