Bi-monthly meeting of New England C. elegans workers.

Pizza and four research talks of about 20-25 minutes, with breaks for conversation.

 We meet at 6:00 PM in the first floor conference room of the MIT Biology building.

BAWM food and drink is enabled by financial support from….. 

New England Biolabs

 Integrated DNA Technologies



Kramer Scientific

MBF Bioscience

2016- 2017 BAWM Schedule
(6:00 PM in the first floor conference room of the MIT Biology building)

September 21, 2016

1   Patrick O'Hern (Hart Lab)  "Decreased SMN caused deleterious increases in neuronal M2 muscarinic
      receptors due to microRNA misregulation"

2.  Matthias Truttmann (Ploegh Lab) "Protein AMPylation: A novel post-translational modification
      that regulates HSP70 family proteins

3.  Steven Flavell (Flavell Lab) "Neural Mechanisms for Persistent Behavioral States"

4.  Christopher Chute (Srinivasan Lab) "TYRA-2: A trace amine receptor's role in an innate avoidance response"



November 30, 2016

1.  Samuel Chung (Gabel Lab)   "A novel form of neuronal regeneration shares links with activity-dependent
                                                  ectopic outgrowth and mammalian lesion conditioning"

2.  Erel Levine (Levine lab)       "Systems biology of host response in space and time"

3.  Marissa Fletcher (Kim lab, MIT)  "Age-dependent DAF-7/TGFβ neuroendocrine signaling modulates lifespan
                                                        extension conferred by dietary restriction” 

4.  Nic Lehrbach (Ruvkun lab)  "Surveillance and regulation of the proteasome by SKN-1A/Nrf1"


February 8, 2017

1.  Joseph Zullo (Yankner Lab)   "Regulation of Lifespan by REST-Mediated Effects on Neuronal Activity"

2.  Sebastian Boland (Farese and Walther Lab)    "PEGCs: novel glycosphingolipids that mobilize
                                                                                    cholesterol in Caenorhabditis elegans"

3.  Anna Corrionero Saiz (Horvitz Lab)       "The C. elegans homolog of the ALS/FTD gene C9orf72 functions
                                                                   in phagosomal, autophagosomal and endosomal degradation"

4.  Christoph Engert (Horvitz Lab)     "SET-17/PRDM promotes spermatocyte transcriptional output and fertility"


March 22, 2017

1.  Erik Griffin (Griffin Lab)            "PLK-1 links the MEX-5/6 and POS-1 gradients in the cytoplasm
                                                            of the C. elegans

2. Nicholas Burton (Horvitz Lab)      "Maternal environment and offspring physiology: the transmission
                                                           of information across a generation".

3. Ziyun Wu (Blackwell Lab)              “Longevity from dietary restriction and reduced insulin/IGF-1
                                                           signaling requires modulation of p38/ATF-7 innate immunity”

4.  Alejandro Vasquez Rifo (Ambros Lab)   "A genomic analysis of the pathogenic relationship
                                                                of P. aeruginosa with C. elegans"

May 17, 2017

1.  Alison Wirshing (Cram Lab)     "The C. elegans spermatheca is a novel in vivo model tube
                                                              for elucidating the roles of actin interacting proteins in
                                                              tissue contractility"

2.  Cory Pender (Horvitz Lab)

3.  Mike O'Donnell (Sengupta Lab)

4.  William Mohler (WormGUIDES Collaboration)   "State of the WormGUIDES Collaboration"




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