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Continuing education for health and human services
providers and the support of community-based coalition activities are the primary functions of our

Berkshire AHEC Center.

During Fiscal Year 2005 Berkshire Area Health Education Center offered 34 continuing education programs serving 24 health and human services disciplines including physicians, nurses, social workers, mental health and allied health personnel, elder care providers, educators/youth workers and clergy. 


20th Annual Berkshire Medical Conference

Offered 20 Category 1 CME credits. Included topics in men’s health, women’s health and adolescent  medicine. 
Presented annually in partnership with

Berkshire Medical Center ’s Medical Education Department and University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Annual Alzheimer’s Conference “Putting It All Together: A Collaborative Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease ”

One-day program presented in collaboration with the Berkshire Alzheimer’s Partnership. Offered continuing education credits for nursing, social workers, and nursing home administrators.

Berkshire AHEC Website Learn more about current educational offerings and programs  at our Berkshire AHEC  website.

Prevention of Teen Pregnancy
The Berkshire Coalition to Prevent Teen Pregnancy  (BCPTP), a community-based coalition supported by the Berkshire AHEC, unites youth, families and community leaders in the development of local prevention strategies that promote healthy behavior, responsible decision-making and increased economic, social and educational opportunities for young people between 10 and 19 years of age.

teen pregnancy website The mission is accomplished in part through subcontracts with organizations that offer research-based teen pregnancy prevention programs to adolescents aged 10-19.  Learn more about the BCPTP at their website.


  What We Do   

Berkshire AHEC furthers the education of students and practitioners in the health professions; and assists health care providers, agencies, academic institutions, community organizations, coalitions and neighborhood groups effectively plan health service delivery and prevention activities.

  How We Do It   

Berkshire AHEC provides over thirty educational and training opportunities each year with accreditation for CME/CE credits for a wide spectrum of health care providers. 

  • We promote health careers by participating in career days in schools. 
  • We support four coalitions funded by Mass. Dept of Public Health grants. 
  • We support undergraduate and graduate medical education, provide instructional tapes for dental residents at Berkshire Medical Center. 
  • We provide data and evaluation information that promotes diversity through advancing cultural/linguistic competence.  
  • We provide Medical Interpreter Training in Spanish/Russian.
  • We provide information, dissemination, educational support and technical assistance to health care professionals and workers by trainings and conferences. 
  • We promote improved healthcare and increased disease prevention responsive to community needs through collations like the Berkshire Coalition to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

  For Whom We Do It   

Berkshire AHEC provides these activities to improve the overall health delivery system in our region.  We most directly interface with healthcare professionals of all specialties, including allied health care professionals.

Why We Do It   

Berkshire AHEC seeks to fulfill its mission as it relates to the federal Public Service Health Act enabling our existence and purpose.   We believe that by providing our services and support, better healthcare, responsive to community needs, is achieved.

  Our Goal   

Berkshire AHEC wants to build upon our current base of educational activities and diversify our services to address regional needs in a rural setting.

  Areas of Expertise   

Berkshire AHEC strives to be known for:

  • Excellence in it’s programming;
  • Promoting science-based practices;
  • Building effective coalitions;
  • Responsiveness to community needs; and
  • Outstanding customer service.

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