Ambulatory Care Center ribbon cutting marks the result of a successful collaboration

Ambulatory Care CenterThe ribbon cutting of our new University Campus Ambulatory Care Center on September 15 was a wonderful celebration of a successful collaboration between UMass Medical School and UMass Memorial Health Care. Faculty and staff of the UMass Medical School and UMass Memorial Medical Center, donors, and members of the community, including patients who will be cared for in the new facility, gathered for a ceremonial ribbon cutting and program, led by leaders of both the Medical School and the Medical Center.

The overarching message of the program was the key role collaboration had played in the creation of the new center and the promise that collaboration holds for the future of patient care, medical education and clinical research at our academic health sciences center. The facility houses the Conquering Diseases Clinical Research Center and the four UMass Memorial Centers of Excellence—Diabetes, Cancer, Orthopedics, and Heart and Vascular – and is expected to accommodate 183,000 patient visits a year. The facility is designed to bring together a number of key components necessary to conduct clinical outcomes research in concert with caring for patients.

Ambulatory Care CenterUMass Medical School and UMass Memorial are extremely grateful to the many donors who made this building and the programs within it possible, and, in particular, to the Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation. In January 2009, the Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation of California awarded our academic health sciences center a $12.5 million matching grant to support the capital build-out of the ACC and recruitment and staffing costs related to programs aimed to expand our translational research efforts. The Foundation’s genuine interest and generosity, as well as that of so many others is playing a significant role in making a difference in the lives of those we serve today, and those we will positively impact in the future.

Ambulatory Care Center LobbyThe ceremony was highlighted by a passionate speech by Ann Crowley, a true testament to the impact we will have on patients. Ms. Crowley, a lung cancer patient who has experienced care in both the old facility and the new and member of the UMass Memorial Patient Advisory Council, provided feedback on the design and layout of patient areas, all while undergoing her own treatment in the “old” building. “The ACC is a remarkable facility that matches the remarkable and compassionate care the staff has always provided,” she said. The day’s festivities concluded with an opportunity for guests to participate in tours of the impressive new building and then gather in the lobby for a light reception.

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