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12/4/2013 1/31/2014

Jeanne Lawrence - Presidential Speaker at Northeastern  

Jeanne Lawrence Presidential Speaker at Northeastern University Jeanne Lawrence presents Profiles in Innovation Presidential Speaker Series at Northeastern University. Photo by Brooks Canaday. Jeanne Lawrence gave a presentation on December 2, 2013 at the Profiles in Innovation Presidential Speakers Series hosted by Northeastern

12/4/2013 1/31/2014

Sue Gagliardi and Jean Underwood Honored  

CDB Employees Honored for Years of ServiceSusan Gagliardi and Jean Underwood were recently honored for 40 years of service at the UMMS Employee Recognition Dinner on November 20th. Sue was the first female faculty member for the medical school and Jean began her

10/28/2013 1/31/2014

Jeanne Lawrence Gives Plenary Presentation to ASHG  

Jeanne Lawrence Gives Plenary Presentation to the ASHGJeanne Lawrence, PhD, Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology gave a Plenary Abstract Presentation to the American Society of Human Genetics Meeting, in Boston, MA on October 22,

10/15/2013 1/31/2014

Zhang Lab Publishes Paper About Activating Aging in Tumor Cells  

Hong Zhang's Lab Publishes Paper About Activating Aging in Tumor Cells"Scientists at UMass Medical School have shown that diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) may be susceptible to treatment by re activating the normal aging program in tumor cells so they

9/19/2013 1/31/2014

Lawrence Lab Publishes Paper on Silencing Chromosome for Trisomy 21  

Lawrence Lab Publishes Paper on Silencing Chromosome for Trisomy 21Jun Jiang, PhD, Jeanne Lawrence, PhD, Lisa Hall, PhD and other members of the Lawrence Lab published a paper on July 17, 2013 in Nature titled Translating dosage compensation to trisomy 21. The

9/19/2013 1/31/2014

Yeonsoo Yoon Defends PhD Thesis  

Yeonsoo Yoon Defends PhD ThesisYeonsoo Yoon successfully defended his PhD thesis titled Morpogenetic Requirements for Embryo Patterning and the Generation of Stem Cell Derived Mice on July 15, 2013. Yeonsoo's mentor was Jaime Rivera. Mentor Jaime Rivera congratulates Yeonsoo Yoon.Committee

9/18/2013 1/31/2014

CDB Retreat - May 23  

Cell and Developmental Biology Department Retreat 2013The Department of Cell and Developmental Biology hosted a department retreat on May 23, 2013. The long day featured talks by departmental faculty and staff about their current research. There were also sessions for networking and

9/18/2013 1/31/2014

John Cooke - Retires  

John Cooke Anatomist · Teacher · Mentor · Friend RetireProfessor John Cooke, PhD retired this year after 37 years teaching at UMMS. Dr. Cooke was Course Director for Anatomy for the first year medical school class. He also taught histology and

7/17/2013 1/31/2014

George Witman Honored with GSBS Dean's Award  

George Witman, PhD, Honored by GSBS Dean      George Witman, PhD, the George F. Booth Chair in Basic Sciences was honored on May 15, 2013 at the Annual Faculty Awards Ceremony. GSBS Dean Anthony Carruthers presented the "Dean's Award for outstanding faculty contribution for graduate

4/12/2013 1/31/2014

Kristen Maki New Administrator for CDB  

Kristen Maki New Administrator for Cell and Developmental BiologyKristen Maki, MPH, CRACDB Administrator Kristen Maki, MPH, CRA, joined the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology as Administrator on April 8, 2013. Jeanne Lawrence, Professor and Interim Chair, welcomed Kristen to the department in her

4/5/2013 1/31/2014

Jason Dobson Defends PhD Thesis  

Jason Dobson Defends PhD ThesisJason Dobson successfully defended his PhD Thesis, "Nuclear Organization in Breast Cancer", on April 4, 2013. Jason will graduate from the GSBS Cell Biology Program in June and has been accepted in a PostDoc position at Brown University.

2/22/2013 1/31/2014

Jeanne Lawrence Lab Awarded $1 Million for Down Syndrome Research  

Jeanne Lawrence Lab Awarded $1 Million Merck Grant for Down Syndrome Research  Jeanne Lawrence, PhDJeanne Lawrence, PhD, professor and interim chair of cell & developmental biology, is one of the inaugural recipients of grants in a new program supporting translational research into

2/13/2013 1/31/2014

Dawn Carone receives 2012 Zelda Haidak Memorial Scholar Fellowship  

Dawn Carone Honored with 2012 Zelda Haidak Memorial Scholar FellowshipThe Department of Cell and Developmental Biology is pleased to announce that Dawn Carone is the recipient of the 2012 Zelda Haidak Memorial Scholar Fellowship. This award was established by the late

11/8/2012 1/31/2014

Giovane B. Tortelote Defends PhD Thesis  

Giovane B. Tortelote Successfuly Defends Ph.D. ThesisOn Tuesday, November 6, 2012, Giovane G. Tortelote successfully presented his Ph.D. Thesis "An Extra Embronic Wnt Signaling Event Controls Gastrulation in Mice." Dr. Tortelote has been a member of Jaime Rivera's Lab. The presentation

11/6/2012 1/31/2014

Cell Dev Bio Bake Sale Benefits Cancer Walk  

Cell and Developmental Biology Department Bake Sale Benefits UMMS Cancer WalkStephen Jones, PhD and Dianne Person coordinated another successful Bake Sale to benefit the UMass Cancer Walk. Department members donated yummy baked goods ranging from cupcakes to cookies and candy

7/30/2012 1/31/2014

Anne Gilroy Teaches Anatomy in Liberia  

Anne Gilroy Visiting Anatomy Faculty at A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine in LiberiaWhen Anne Gilroy, MA, associate professor of surgery and cell & developmental biology, arrived in Liberia in May, it was just after the country’s A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine received its

7/5/2012 1/31/2014

New Name and Interim Chair for Department  

Jeanne Lawrence, PhD Named Interim Chair for Department of Cell and Developmental BiologyEffective July 1, 2012, Jeanne Lawrence became Interim Chair for the newly named Department of Cell and Developmental Biology. Gary S. Stein, PhD, the Gerald L. and Zelda

7/2/2012 1/31/2014

Hugh Gannon Defends PhD Thesis  

Hugh Gannon Defends PhD ThesisHugh Gannon successfully defended his PhD thesis on June 28, 2012. Hugh's thesis title is MDM2 P53 Signaling in Tissue Homeostasis and the DNA Damage Response.  Stephen Jones was Hugh's mentor. Hugh Gannon received the Dean's Award for

7/2/2012 1/31/2014

Charlene Baron Honored with BCA Service Award  

Charlene Baron Honored with BioCommunications Association Service AwardThe BioCommunications Association presented Charlene Baron with The Ralph Creer Service Award at it's annual meeting on June 22, 2012. The award in honor of the BCA's founding president, recognizes those who have served

7/2/2012 1/31/2014

Christopher Dowdy Defends PhD  

Christopher Dowdy Defends PhDChristopher Dowdy successfully defended his PhD dissertation on May 25, 2012. His thesis title was Runx1 C Terminal Domains During Hematopoietic Development and Leukemogenesis. Gary Stein was Christopher's mentor.

6/15/2012 1/31/2014

Hugh Gannon and Eric Swanson Honored with GSBS Awards  

Hugh Gannon and Eric Swanson Honored with GSBS AwardsTwo Cell Biology students in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences were honored with awards during the Celebration of Student Achievement on June 1, 2012. Hugh Gannon received the Dean's Award for the Most Insightful

6/15/2012 1/31/2014

Charusheila Ramkumar Defends PhD Thesis  

Charusheila Ramkumar Defends PhD ThesisOn June 1, 2012, Cell Biology student, Charusheila Ramkumar successfully presented her dissertation defense titled "Antagonistic Pleiotropy The Role of Smurf2 in Cancer and Aging." Chru's mentor was Hong Zhang, PhD.    Charu Ramkumar, PhD with her mentor Hong Zhang,

6/15/2012 1/31/2014

Melissa Matzelle Defends PhD Thesis  

Cell Biology student, Melissa Matzelle successfully defended her PhD thesis on May 17. Melissa's dissertation was titled "Inflammation Inhibits Osteoblast Mediated Bone Formation in Rheumatoid Arthritis via the WNT and BMP Signaling Pathways."  Melissa's mentor was Ellen Gravallese, MD.   Ellen Gravallese,

5/17/2012 1/31/2014

Anatomist - Medical Educator Search  

Anatomist Medical EducatorThe Department of Cell Biology at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine is seeking an accomplished Anatomist Medical Educator to teach and provide collaborative leadership in a multidisciplinary first year course integrating human anatomy, histology, embryology development,

3/27/2012 1/31/2014

Confocal Facility Featured in UMM NOW Newsletter  

New Confocal Microscope Helps Student Make DiscoveryRecently the Cell Biology Confocal Core Facility acquired a new Leica TCS SP5 II laser scanning confocal microscope.  The new microscope will assist faculty students and staff with their research discoveries. Like the discovery featured

12/2/2011 1/31/2014

Cell Biology COMECC Raffle  

Cell Biology Hosts Raffle Drawing for COMECC ContributorsTwo raffle drawings were held on November 18th and November 28th for Cell Biology personnell who donated to the COMECC campaign. The departmental goal was 100% participation. Any size donation entitled people to enter the department

11/1/2011 1/31/2014

Honoring and Celebrating Ken Wolf, MD  

Cell Biology Remembers and Celebrates the Life of Ken Wolf, MD The Department of Cell Biology honors and remembers Ken Wolf, MD with a Celebration of Life on Thursday, November 3, 2011 in the Faculty Conference Room. 

11/1/2011 1/31/2014

Cell Biology Bake Sale Benefits UMass Cancer Walk  

Cell Biology Bake Sale Benefits UMass Cancer WalkStaff, Students and Faculty put their baking talents to work on September 23 and donated baked goods for the Cell Biology Bake Sale. The sale raised $818 in four hours, all proceeds were donated to the

9/1/2011 1/31/2014

Kim LeBlanc Defends PhD Dissertation  

Kim LeBlanc, MD PhD Student, Defends DissertationMD PhD student Kim LeBlanc, defended her PhD Dissertation, titled "Genetic and Epigenetic Contributions of Runx Transcription Factors to Chondrogenesis and Osteoarthritis" on Wednesday, August 31st. Kim's advisor is Jane Lian, in the Cancer,

8/9/2011 1/31/2014

Four Students Participate in Summer Research Program in Cell Biology Labs  

Cell Biology Labs Host Four Summer StudentsFour students were hosted in Cell Biology Labs as part of the six week NIH Summer Research program for students from US colleges. The program ended on August 4th with a poster session in the

7/27/2011 1/31/2014

Karl Lechtreck Accepts Faculty Position at University of Georgia  

Karl Lechtreck Accepts Faculty Position at University of GeorgiaThe George Witman lab hosted a farewell party on July 20th for Karl Lechtreck, PhD, who has accepted a position as Associate Professor in the Department of Cellular Biology at the University

7/27/2011 1/31/2014

Tera Filion Potts Defends PhD Dissertation  

Tera Filion Potts Defends PhD DissertationTera M. Filion Potts successfully defended her dissertation titled "Biomimetic Synthetic Tissue Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration" on July 21, 2011. Tera is a Cell Biology student in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Her mentor

7/27/2011 1/31/2014

Sandhya Pande Defends PhD Dissertation  

Sandhya Pande Defends PhD DissertationSandhya Pande successfully defended her dissertation titled "Regulation of Runx Proteins in Human Cancers" on July 20, 2011. Sandhya is a Cell Biology student in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Her mentor is Gary Stein,

4/15/2011 1/31/2014

Susan Gagliardi Presents the Last Lecture  

Susan Gagliardi Presents the Last LectureSusan Gagliardi, PhD had the honor of presenting the first "Last Lecture" on April 12, 2011. Susan was honored the with Chancellor's Award for Distinguished Teaching by Dr. Collins last fall. The recipient of this

4/14/2011 1/31/2014

Stephen Jones honored with GSBS Faculty Award  

 Stephen Jones Honored with GSBS Faculty Award Stephen Jones, PhD, was honored by the Graduate School of Biological Sciences with a Faculty Award for outstanding contribution to curricular development. Steve was presented this award by GSBS Dean, Anthony Carruthers, at the Educational Recognition

4/11/2011 1/31/2014

Four Cell Biology Faculty Members Honored with Outstanding Medical Educator Awards  

Four Cell Biology Faculty Members Honored with Outstanding Medical Educator AwardsSusan Gagliardi, John Cooke, Anne Gilroy and Krista Johansen were honored by the Medical School Class of 2012 with Outstanding Medical Educator Awards. These awards are voted on by the

4/4/2011 1/31/2014

Anthony Imbalzano featured in Daily Voice  

Anthony N. Imbalzano, PhD, professor of cell biology, talks about his recent grant, Epigenetic Control of Adipogenesis from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, two years, $746,038.   To read the entire article visit http www.umassmed.edu news daily_voice

3/4/2011 1/31/2014

Greg Hendricks featured in UMMS Daily Voice  

Greg Hendricks Featured in UMMS ArticleGreg Hendricks, the manager of the Core Electron Microscopy was featured in an online column called "Hello, my name is" on the UMass Medical School website. The interviews are a series of introductions with both old

2/4/2011 1/31/2014

Cell Biology researchers receive $6 million, five-year grant from NCI  

Six Department of Cell Biology faculty members Gary Stein, Anthony Imbalzano, Janet Stein, Jane Lian, Andre van Wijnen and Jeffrey Nickerson are part of a multidisciplinary team of researchers in the Department of Cell Biology and the UMass Memorial Cancer Center

1/18/2011 1/31/2014

Karl Lechtreck 2nd place winner for video entry at ASCB Celldance  

Karl F. Lechtreck, Ph.D., research assistant professor of cell biology shared second place in the American Society for Cell Biology’s (ASCB) annual Celldance, a video and photo contest

11/30/2010 1/31/2014

Susan Gagliardi receives first Chancellor Award for Distinguished Teaching  

Susan Gagliardi, PhD, professor of cell biology and neurology, received the Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Teaching

11/30/2010 1/31/2014

Cellutations, Fall 2010 - Department of Cell Biology newsletter published  

The latest issue of Cellutations, the Department of Cell Biology's newsletter has been published

11/30/2010 1/31/2014

Department COMECC Raffle  

The Cell Biology Department has joined together and come through once again for the COMECC this year

11/30/2010 1/31/2014

Athena Andreadis, PhD - Recent Articles and Presentations  

Athena Andreadis, PhD, was among the half-dozen experts invited to discuss the Genetic Virtue Project