Our Partners in Diabetes Care and Research

Under the auspices of the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center (and with affiliated colleagues and professional organizations in the community), The Diabetes Center of Excellence partners with multiple clinical and research teams to provide the best possible care for individuals with diabetes, and to promote world class basic and clinical research.

University of Massachusetts Medical School

The Jackson Laboratory

University of Massachusetts Memorial Children's Medical Center

University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center

University of Massachusetts Memorial HealthCare

UMMMC Affiliates: The United States has far too few trained endocrinologists to insure that all hospitals have one available as a full time staff member. Indeed, more than half US hospitals do not have a full time endocrinologist on their staff, and many of the others with an endocrinologist report clinical burdens greater than they can support. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is no exception to that sad demographic fact. In an effort to fill that gap, UMass DCOE senior diabetes specialists spend at least a day each week at one of the several regional hospitals including Milford Regional Hospital, Marlborough Hospital, Health Alliance Hospital, Henry Heywood Hospital, Day Kimball Hospital, and the Southborough Medical Group. These specialists see that community’s most difficult to manage patients with diabetes, and deliver Continuing Medical Education (CME) so that primary care providers in community are kept current with the latest diabetes treatments and research.

Community Development Program: DCOE Providers have partnered with primary care physicians to provide specialty diabetes care and education in the primary care setting at Tri-River Family Health Center. As diabetes care moved into the evolving health care delivery model, DCOE will be more closely aligned with our primary care physician community, partnering with them and their patients to deliver high quality, low cost, patient-centered diabetes care.

In addition to providing diabetes care services in Central Massachusetts region, our DCOE team can be found interfacing and supporting the diabetes community through a variety of community events. The events include the American Diabetes Association’s Worcester, MA Step Out to Fight Diabetes Walk, the International Diabetes Research Foundation’s 2013 Central Massachusetts Walk to Cure Diabetes, and Take Control of Your Diabetes in the Central New England Community.

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