Vol. 12 No. 8 - March, 2010

Message from the dean

seymour route
Paulette Seymour Route, PhD, dean of the Graduate School of Nursing

I am proud to recognize the academic outcomes for the GSN this past year. We continue our success on the NCLEX examination; 100 percent of our eligible Graduate Entry Pathway students passed the exam this fall and we welcomed them into the profession during a pinning ceremony in November. Additionally, our last class of graduates for whom we have results also passed the American Nursing Credentialing Center (ANCC) national certifying exam at a rate of 100 perent. Graduates successfully achieved certification across their respective specialties, including Adult Nurse Practitioner, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner and Gerontological Nurse Practitioner. My thanks go to the faculty, preceptors, students and graduates for their dedication to excellence in patient care. Congratulations on your achievements.

These successes are a reflection of the efforts and integration of new clinical pathways, educational scholarship and interprofessional richness that serve as the foundation for the lifelong learning competencies needed for graduate nursing education. This year’s challenge will be a continuing reflection on our curriculum and pedagogy relative to the recent Carnegie Report on Nursing, the Massachusetts Nurse of the Future report and the pending report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing at the Institute of Medicine due out this fall.

In this issue of Focus, the GSN stories highlight three major areas of significance to the mission of our school. Those areas include our commitment to the underserved both locally and globally; our dedication to public health in Worcester and Worcester county; and our focus on technology such as simulation. Our student profile highlights the role of one nurse scientist whose pursuit of knowledge in the use of informatics and information systems can improve nursing administrative practice.

A quote by Herbert Clark Hoover sets the stage for the coming year as we develop the next GSN strategic plan: "Wisdom consists not so much in knowing what to do in the ultimate as in knowing what to do next." We have accomplished much over the past year and continue to evolve and maintain a contemporary approach to graduate nursing education, practice and research.