Teacher & Student Guides, Assessment Resources
Getting to Know Connected Mathematics- A Guide to the Curriculum

Grade 6
Getting to Know Connected Mathematics
Prime Time (Factors and Multiples)
Data About Us (Statistics)
Shapes and Designs (Two-Dimensional Geometry)
Bits and Pieces I (Understanding Rational Numbers)
Covering and Surrounding (Two-dimensional Measurement)
How Likely Is It? (Probability)
Bits and Pieces II (Using Rational Numbers)
Ruins of Montarek (Spatial Visualization)

Grade 7 (Assessment resource not available)
Teacher Resource Kit
Getting to Know Connected Mathematics
Variables and Patterns (Introduction to Algebra)
Stretching and Shrinking (Similarity)
Comparing and Scaling (Ratio, Proportion, and Percent)
Accentuate the Negative (Integers)
Moving Straight Ahead (Linear Relationships)
Filling and Wrapping (Three-Dimensional Measurement)
What Do You Expect? (Probability and Expected Value)
Data Around Us (Number Sense)

Grade 8
Getting to Know Connected Mathematics
Thinking With Mathematical Models (Representing Relationships)
Looking For Pythagoras (The Pythagorean Theorem)
Growing, Growing, Growing (Exponential Relationships)
Frogs, Fleas, and Painted Cubes (Quadratic Relationships)
Say It With symbols (Algebraic Reasoning)
Kaleidoscopes, Hubcaps, and Mirrors (Symmetry and Transformations)
Samples and Populations (Data and Statistics)
Clever Counting (Combinatorics) 8 9/98

Teacher Guides and Student Guides
Teacher Resource and Implementation Guide
Number Tools, Vol. 1 & 2- Supplementary Materials
News in Numbers- Supplementary Materials

Grade 5/6
Number Strand:
Some of the Parts
Measure for Measure
Per Sense
Grasping Sizes
Algebra Strand:
Patterns and Symbols
Dry and Wet Numbers
Geometry Strand:
Side Seeing
Figuring All the Angles
Statistics Strand:
Picturing Numbers
Take a Chance

Grade 6/7
Number Strand:
Fraction Times
More or Less
Ratios and Rates
Algebra Strand:
Expressions and Formulas
Tracking Graphs
Comparing Quantities
Geometry Strand:
Made to Measure
Statistics Strand:
Dealing With Data

Grade 7/8
Number Strand:
Cereal Numbers 9 9/98
Powers of Ten
Algebra Strand:
Ups and Downs
Building Formulas
Decision Making
Geometry Strand:
Packages and Polygons
Triangles and Beyond
Looking at an Angle
Statistics Strand:
Ways to Go
Statistics and the Environment

Grade 8/9
Number Strand:
Reflections on Number
Algebra Strand:
Graphing Equations
Get the Most Out of it
Patterns and Figures
Geometry Strand:
Triangles and Patchwork
Going the Distance
Statistics Strand:
Insights into Data
Digging Numbers
Great Expectations

Teacher & Student Guides
Hot Words, Hot Topics-User Handbook-Teacher and Student Text for each grade level

Grade 6
What Does the Data Say? (Graphs and Averages)
The Language of Numbers (Inventing and Comparing Number Systems)
From Zero to One and Beyond (Fractions, Decimals, and Percents)
Designing Spaces (Visualizing, Planning, and Building)
Number Powerhouse (Operating with Fractions, Decimals, and Percents) 10 9/98
Gulliver's Worlds (Measuring and Scaling)
Patterns in Numbers and Shapes (Using Algebraic Thinking)

Grade 7
Buyer Beware (Rates, Ratios, Percents, and Proportions)
Chance Encounters (Probability in Games and Simulations)
Making Mathematical Arguments (Generalizing About Numbers)
From the Ground Up (Modeling, Measuring, and Constructing Homes)
The Language of Algebra (Equations, Tables, and Graphs)
Getting Down to Business (Functions and Spreadsheets)
Getting in Shape (Exploring Two-Dimensional Figures)

Grade 8
Looking Behind the Numbers (Correlations, Rankings, and Permutations)
Mathematics of Motion (Distance, Speed, and Time)
Shapes and Space (Thinking Three-Dimensionally)
What Comes Next (Modeling and Predicting)
Exploring the Unknown (Writing and Solving Equations)
Roads and Ramps (Slopes, Angles, and Ratios)
Family Portraits (Comparing Function Families)

Geometry Activities for Middle School 11 9/98