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UMass Medical School’s Center for Health Policy and Research provides in-depth policy analysis and translational research to help public health and managed care organizations develop and implement best practices, from the bedside to the community. This often requires a multi-pronged strategy that considers the barriers and costs associated with the behaviors and conditions the programs are intended to change or improve.

Key Populations

Children and Families
Our work in this area includes children’s mental health, developmental disabilities, and education programs.

Our expertise in this area includes end of life care policy development.

Medicaid Members
Our work with Medicaid members covers a wide spectrum from policy analysis and program evaluation to program development and management.

People with Disabilities
Our work supports and informs services for people with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities, specifically in the areas of health, safety, and employment policy.

People with Mental Illness
Our analysis and research includes children and seniors, as well as people with co-occurring disorders such as substance use and chronic disease.

People with Substance Use Disorders
Our recent research in this area includes buprenorphine therapy as well as co-occurring disorders.

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