Angiosurgical suite:

The center is built around the angiosurgical suite dedicated to pre-clinical research and home to the latest flat panel detector x-ray system available today (Allura FD20, Phillips Medical Systems, Best, Netherlands). The system offers both cardiac and vascular packages, 3-dimensional reconstruction angiography (3DRA), X-per™ cone beam computed tomography, and various software prototypes that are not yet available for clinical use. The suite is fully equipped for aseptic surgical procedures that include medical gasses, physiologic monitoring, scrub room, OR lights, surgical camera, and AV equipment for procedure documentation. Adjacent to the angiosurgical suite is the animal prep/recovery room and the Advanced MR Imaging Center, enabling multimodality image acquisition.


• Allura FD20
• Surgivet physiological monitoring
• Matrix anesthesia machine and ventilator
• Narkomed anesthesia machine
• Omni ventilator (MRI) compatible
• Matrix anesthesia machine (MRI) compatible
• Berchtold OR lighting system with surgical camera and audiovisual
• Medrad power injector
• i-STAT hand held clinical analyze
• Harvey hydroclave steam sterilizer

Chemistry and Hemodynamic laboratories:

The center also incorporates a chemistry and hemodynamics laboratories for bench-top, in vitro studies. The chemistry lab is equipped to create true to scale silicone vascular replicas. The models are manufactured by the use of a rapid prototyping system, with the assistance of computer aided design (CAD) software. In the hemodynamics lab, vascular models are connected to a flow loop system designed to mimic the conditions in the body through the use of a cardiac pulse duplicator and data acquisition system. The flow loop system is used to test devices for the treatment of vascular disease.
• Olympus AX90 upright microscope
• Prodigy Plus rapid prototyping machine
• Dewetron data acquisition system
• Transonic flow meter
• Compflow 100MR programmable flow pump (MR compatible)
• TA XT express enhanced texture analyzer
• VWR vacuum oven
• Epppenlorf centrifuge
• Branson 5510 ultrasonic cleaner
• Revco -86 freezer