PeopleSoft to E*Value Feed to be Implemented April 8, 2013

As a component of the E*Value project Information Services has developed a process that will feed information contained within our student system, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, to E*Value. On April 8, IS will turn the new interface on. Every night, information from PeopleSoft will feed to E*Value and update student and faculty information, courses and their start and end dates, and course enrollment.

Why develop a feed? PeopleSoft is our system of record. It contains the definitive data for students, faculty, and courses. This process is similar to the PeopleSoft feed to BLS Vista, our campus learning management system. The campus chose to utilize this strategy to ensure data integrity in our learning management system and E*Value.

What will be different in E*Value? You may see a slight change in the name of the course in which you are participating—the PeopleSoft name will be in place. In addition, both systems have places to list preferred names as well as legal names. You may also see your preferred name change in E*Value. Please note your current access to courses, evaluations, and reports within E*Value should not change.

Many campus representatives contributed to outlining the requirements -- in particular we would like to thank the E*Value Advisory Group, our representatives from the IREA and the Office of Faculty Affairs, and our internal colleagues, the PSCS Team, for their collective efforts.

If you experience any change in your ability to access information and perform any assigned tasks, please contact the Help Desk at Your concerns will be immediately addressed.


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