Certificate of Intensive Training in Motivational Interviewing

Fall 2013 Schedule

All session times are listed as United States Eastern Time 

Participate LIVE via your PC

Mondays, September - December from 12:30-4:30pm
Location: Anywhere with a wired internet connection, USB  microphone is required

Orientation Session (required) - August 29th, 1pm-2pm Eastern Time

Session 1 - September 9
The Spirit of Motivational Interviewing and Introduction to OARS - Daniel Mullin, PsyD and Rashelle Hayes, PhD

Session 2 - September 30
Developing Motivational Interviewing Skills: OARS - Daniel Mullin, PsyD and Denise Jolicoeur, MPH, CHES

Session 3 - October 21
Evoking Change Talk - Daniel Mullin, PsyD and Peter Fifield, MS, LCMHC

Session 4 - November 18
Responding to Sustain Talk and Managing Discord - Daniel Mullin, PsyD and James Anderson, PhD

Session 5 - December 9 
Developing a Change Plan and Consolidating Patient Commitment - Daniel Mullin, PsyD and Joji Suzuki, MD

Additional Required Individual Training (Directions on how to schedule these will be provided during the first session.)

To receive a certificate for the course all learners must complete two Acting Patient Encounters and two Individual Coaching Sessions. Each of these individual learning experiences is completed by telephone.


Acting Patient Encounter 1: Completed between Group Learning Sessions 1 and 2

Individual Coaching Session 1: Completed 2-4 weeks after Acting Patient Encounter 1

Acting Patient Encounter 2: Completed within 30 days following Group Learning Session 5

Individual Coaching Session 2: Completed 2-4 weeks after Acting Patient Encounter 2

(Please note: It is the responsibility of each learner to work with CITMI’s Acting Patients and Coach to schedule the experiences above.)