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During Academic Year 2012 – 2013 all evaluations for Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Graduate School of Nursing and School of Medicine will migrate to E*Value.

Students will receive several types of evaluation material from E*Value via email. Evaluation templates have been designed for each school and will cover the variety of educational opportunities including classroom-setting, clinical experiences, lab work, mentor/mentee, faculty, etc.  The automated email administrator will send reminders when evaluations are due and will continue to send updates until they are completed.  In some cases students will have the opportunity to select a faculty member or research mentor to review (through a ‘who did you work with’ form); other types of evaluations are auto-assigned.

Educators will receive requests to evaluate students and courses. Your involvement in course evaluations will be limited to reviewing evaluations of your own teaching, research performance of your student mentees and (in the case of small group facilitators or preceptors) evaluating the performance of your students.

Course administrators and educational leadership can access real-time evaluation reports for all evaluations generated for each of your course(s). Institutional Research, Evaluation, & Assessment (IREA) will continue to provide reports to the course coordinators once the full dataset has been collected.

Since E*Value is a web-based system, most users will be able to submit this information conveniently from their place of work or from home. E*Value will provide useful curriculum-specific feedback to each school, its programs and its participants; and will allow for more efficient real time reporting in support of compliance with our accrediting bodies.

What Can You Do and See in E*Value?

What is available for you to see and do in E*Value is dependent on your rank (Administrator, Educator, Student) and role in your academic program(s).  Please refer to the links on the right to find online documentation targeted for Administrators, Educational Leadership, Students and Faculty.

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