Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship Seminars

Scheduled TopicsPresenter
History and Epidemiology of Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug UseGerardo Gonzalez, MD
Neurotransmitors and AddictionAndrew Tapper, PhD
Pharmacology of Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug AbuseAndrew Tapper, PhD
Neurocircuitry of AddictionPaul Gardner, PhD
Cognitive and Neural Mechanisms of Control in AddictionGregg DiGirolamo, PhD
DSM – IV TR Diagnostic Criteria for Abuse and DependenceGerardo Gonzalez, MD
Screening, Brief Interventions, Referral and Treatment (SBIRT)Ed Boudreaux, PhD
Acute Intoxication, Delirium and Pitfalls of Medical ClearanceEdward Boyer, MD PhD
Substance-Induced Disorders versus Primary Psychopathology Zafar Naqvi, MD
Medical Toxicology SyndromesEdward Boyer, MD PhD
Detoxification and Pharmacotherapy of Cocaine and StimulantsGerardo Gonzalez, MD
Detoxification and Pharmacotherapy of Alcohol Amy Harrington, MD
Detoxification and Pharmacotherapy of OpioidsGerardo Gonzalez, MD
Detoxification and Pharmacotherapy of Cannabis and HallucinogensZafar Naqvi, MD
Co-occurring DisordersAmy Harrington, MD
Psychological Theories of AddictionDavid Smelson, PsyD
Motivational Interviewing / Motivational Enhancement TherapyLisa Mitzer, MD
Psychotherapy – Behavioral TherapiesMonika Kolodziej, PhD
Psychotherapy – Dual Recovery TherapyDavid Smelson, PsyD
Psychotherapy - Relapse PreventionMonika Kolodziej, PhD
Psychotherapy - PsychodynamicZafar Naqvi, MD
Adolescent Substance AbuserLisa Fortuna, MD MPH
Attention Deficit Disorder and Substance Use DisordersLisa Fortuna, MD MPH
Smoking Cessation Treatment Amy Harrington, MD
BenzodiazepinesZafar Naqvi, MD
ASAM Patient Placement CriteriaBob Wiedeman, MS, MA
Addicted Patients with Co-morbid Hepatitis CGyongyi Szabo, MD
Opiate Dependence and Co-morbid Chronic PainAmy Wachholtz, PhD
Addicted Patients with Co-Morbid HIV/AIDSMireya Wessolossky, MD
Continuity of Care in AddictionsRomas Buivydas, PhD
Problems of Maternal Substance AbuseHeidi Shah, MD
Group Psychotherapy for Addictive BehaviorsMonika Kolodziej, PhD
Substance Related Impaired PhysicianLuis Sanchez, MD
Therapeutic CommunitiesRomas Buivydas, PhD
Self-help GroupsJack Maroney
Food AddictionZafar Naqvi, MD
Family and Couples TherapyDouglas Ziedonis, MD MPH
Drug Use and Dependence as a Social Problemtbd
Drug Use and Criminal BehaviorPaul Noroian, MD
Gambling and Other Compulsive BehaviorsVictor Ortiz, MSW, LADC II, CADC II
What About Substance Abuse in the Elderly?Ricardo Mujica, MD